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Mini-Game Collab 2

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Once Upon a Time, a year after the first Mini-Game Collab was released way back in 2009 with all intentions of doing a sequel I did so in 2010 and now almost 2 years later after delays, miss carriages and nuclear explosions its here all together in a bundle of 9 mini-games (plus a bonus hangman and pong game :O)

For all that waited in disappointment for months on end for any kind of news, release etc but its here now WITHOUT glorious medals we all wanted, it didn't work out. sorry.

The work of these newgrounds authors does not represent their current strengths and abilities today, people make lots of improvement over 2 years or so...so don't be too critical

=If you find any glitches please PM me with some kind of details as to what the problem is=

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Some good, some bad

I think that you all need to beta test this piece better before you submit your work as a collab - some games came with instructions and looked the real deal, capable of making it on their own, while others probably should still be in development and held this piece back.

Pong on the preloader was basic and awful - glitchy controls and not the best. I hoped that it wasn't an indication of what was to come and for the most part, it wasn't.

Whiteboard avoider was decent enough, with the strategy of climbing an imaginary scrolling mountain, while things get tougher as you climb. Not bad, but why? A little more plot needed.

BrickDuel wasn't much to write home about - unresponsive controls meaning that I couldn't manoeuvre the paddle into place to win, despite me knowing where it needs to be. Since that's most of the mechanics of your game, you really need to fix that.

Bike seemed good to start with, but too difficult in the early running, as you keep crashing into things. Learn to get your audience hooked with a few easy obstacles to start with.

Chicken Drop - organised mayhem. Too many rocks and chickens by the end of everything, so consider having less of them, but making it more of a challenge by stripping more time if you miss one?

Air Gunner - something that I couldn't get on with - the obstacles came thick and fast and after dying against a few and learning to avoid them, I got bored of trial and error. Perhaps if it were a game on its own it would be better.

Dodge them 2 - simple, effective, but a little boring. It's a spacial awareness game. The graphics were nice though.

Dance. Not really a dance game, more of an "exercise for your fingers" game, so I was left unfulfilled, by the experience

Moon Walker. Catchy title, a decent spin on a game I've seen before and some nice controls. Perhaps gravity was less than usual, but it would be for the Moon, so I'll let you off. This one has potential.

Space Cadet Bob looked fantastic, but came without a manual of sorts - it wasn't the most of explanatory games and if I'm shooting at a spaceship, how am I going to only damage the pink antennae?

There was an issue with the mute button - once you've muted it all and you play a game to a loss, the sound comes back on and the only way to stop it is to restart the game. Poor design.

Overall, it's not bad, though it's not something that sets me afire.

[Review Request Club]

Pretty good.

All of the mini games here are at least pretty good which is awesome, but some were better than others for sure.

I did like all of them, but my favorite one for sure was the white board one. It was pretty good, but the jumping precision could've been better. One thing that could've made that one better is if you had a limited amount ofstuff to build the platforms with and could get more by defeating enemies.

The chicken one was my favorite one graphics wise, but the biggest flaws were the slow speed of the box and the fact that the sheer amount of chickens made my laptop lag. Also, they went in front of the HUD, but that wasn't too big of a deal.

I think the bike one was decent as well, but the main problem I had was that I went backwards so slow that it killed me alot. It's not bad though. Also, I was wondering what the lights were for.

Ahh, the brick defender mini-game. We meet again... I've already reviewed the full version of that, so I'm not gonna say much here. I liked it alot.

Pong... I don't think I even need to say anything about that. It's kind of cool that it was here though.

I didn't get the point of the one with the bees, but it was fun until my laptop started to lag... It had nice graphics though.

I liked Sky Runner quite a bit as well. I did have a similar problem with this one and the bike one. I backed up too slow. The actual gameplay was pretty good though and I really liked the Arwing graphic.

The dancing one... The graphics were good, but it was a little boring. It wasn't too bad though. :)

Overall, this was pretty good. I hope I didn't leave one out...

<Review Request Club>

Good collab

There are some pretty nice games in this collab. Brick Duel for example, which I already played in it's own submission. Whiteboad Avoider is pretty interesting as well. I also like the presentation of this collab, even though it would have been even nicer if all games would be displayed on a single page, with a short description of the game (a single page might not be enough in this case, but more than one game on a page would still be more convenient).

So, the idea of this collab is pretty nice. You can have fun with those minigames for a few hours and if you grow tired of one game, there are still other games to try out here.

However, there are a few bugs, or at least I found one bug. At some point during trying the games out, the mute button stopped to work. Sadly I cannot say exactly when it stopped working, or if I did anything to provoke such a behaviour, all I know is that the mute button stopped working, in game and even in the menu. However, when I started another game I hadn't played before, the mute button started to work again. So maybe it was just a one time thing that others might not even experience.

Overall, a nice collab, well excecuted and with some pretty good games. Nice work!

{ Review Request Club }

Nice collab

Several of the collab contributors did a pretty good job with their games, while others differ. but this isn't too bad for a collab. I liked it.

Not a bad collab

It's been awhile since I've seen a collab game, so this was quite refereshing. What I didn't like about it was how it wasn't that well detailed. At least you guys managed to create some fairly different levels to interact with. I think the weirdest part about this was probably how I was foolish enough to go with the "Hard" mode at first, which was a disaster. I also liked how you could play Pong while you waited for the game to load. It's fairly nice all around.

Now, it could have more going on but a collab like this doesn't need that. If a game was really that complicated, it would have made a submission in itself. It's interesting to hear how things worked out for this. I liked the wide variety of songs being used. Seeing as how it's numerous games, it makes sense there would be a lot of music.

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4.20 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2011
11:40 AM EST