Miracle Explosion-Ep#05

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8 and 1/2 minutes---so be ready. I hope this episode goes over well. It is mostly dialogue and characterization. Do not fear, it is building up to a huge battle in 06. That episode will be all action and ultraviolence.

Update---I have been very pleasantly surprised by the reaction to this episode. I expected everyone to hate it & consider it boring. Glad it is drawing people in. That's what I hoped it would do. :)



but I like it.

This is SOOOoooo VERY VERY cool!

I OBVIOUSLY LOVE this movie! Those graphics were SO very awsome! The storyline "to me" was kinda confusing, BUT good... no GREAT!

But I have a couple of questions, did you use helium for the droids voice??? and how do you do that blurry effect??

Well GREAT job!!!!!


fourchinnigan responds:

no helium, just audio effects.
The blur effects are done with jpegs exported into Photoshop, blurred, then reimported and animated in Flash.


i just finished watching all five episodes. i saw major improvement is all aspects in each episode. i really liked the style of animation and art you used in this movie near the end when the guy and the animal thing are playing on the beach. the whole thing should be like that. pretty good stuff though, i almost like it as much as the josh bedn crap!! hahaha, good job man.


I think you need to fix the audio in this one, or reconstitute the subtitles. I had to turn the volume to the max to understand what half the dialog was. other than that it was an excelleant movie

Kick ass

Pretty cool looking movie...


I've seen dramas involving mute paino players with shorter opening credits. Is it possible to put them at the end, or perhaps make them brief?

fourchinnigan responds:

I started including the credits in the opening scenes with episode 04. I like the way it works and the effect it has. Is it really that distracting? Anyone else have a problem with it?

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Jul 30, 2002
5:52 AM EDT
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