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Avalanche Ascent

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A quick game made for the newgrounds winter competition. This game is actually my small backup minigame. My real entry was completed in time. However it's a fun little game in my opinion, try it out! The sounds are from freesounds.org

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Coming from someone who grew up in arcades, I would have paid a quarter to play this back then. But it has some problems. Forget the graphics, I'm talking gameplay.

All of the obstacles are presented from the beginning. You need to add them as you go along. And make it fluid level based, like every 255ft is a level.

Start off with just the icicles at the fist level, then add the thin ice, then the boulders. Throw in avalanches so you have an obstacle wider than the icicle but still falls straight down (maybe starts out thin then gets wider as it goes down the screen?) and maybe yetis in caves that throw snowballs at you. Just add one new obstacle each level until a certain number of levels has been reached. Then loop it: start with just the one obstacle, but speed everything up a bit. And keep doing that, over and over. It will be like an old arcade game, or a crappy gameboy game (hell, I still play Snood sometimes).

As for the powerups, that one that destroys everything? Why is everything destroyed? Make it fit the theme. What goes with mountain climbing? How about yodeling? Yodeling. What is the icon that gives you increased speed? It should be hot cocoa. And there aren't many pickaxes given out. The health came about in good fashion. But that's all I saw. Need more. maybe a rope? If you lose a life you start off where you picked up the rope instead of at the beginning of the stage.

Sumo148 responds:

Thank you for the wonderful criticism. This was a quick minigame i made back in the day, I'll be sure to fix up everything and add some stuff that you mentioned.

Great game!

About the only thing I could suggest is to use the space bar instead of the Shift key. The Shift key is a system key, and can cause problems if you push it 5 times in a row on some systems. The space bar just feels natural anyway. Are there health powerups? I got super speed and more picks, but my life was low and I didn't see any life power ups.Good game, though. :)