Green Avoider

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avoid the green while going green!


This isn't good.

Don't get me wrong; your concept is great but the execution needs a lot of work.

Let's start with the menus. While there aren't many, they could have used proper conventions. They could have also used a more creative design. Also, your disclaimer is unnecessary.

Now to the game itself. The levels all look rushed and could have used patchwork and smoothing. The hitboxes could also use work; I sometimes found myself hitting invisible walls. I also dislike the fact that you have to start from the beginning if you mess up. It seems like a ploy to prolong the already short game. All of this equates to an unenjoyable experience, which is not how you want to portray the message of being environmentally friendly.

Speaking of unenjoyable, the noise you decided to play in the background was annoying, even headache-inducing, causing me to mute my speakers while playing the game. Honestly, if you didn't have any good background music to play, you probably shouldn't have played any to begin with.

The Mochi Ad in the beginning also makes me suspect that you created this game purely to make a profit and attempted to conceal it behind the message of being an environmentally friendly person.

In conclusion, I suggest that you spend more time in the creation of the game, as it appears that a lack of time and effort was the downfall of this game.

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Mazes have 1 flaw

Fix the right click.

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1.33 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2011
5:47 PM EST
Skill - Avoid