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Lets Type

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Thanks for trying Let's Type!

From the beginning this was a very ambitious project and I had a thousand ideas for the game. I wanted to create a unique, challenging and fun gameconcept. I decided to slim the game down to this in order to try this concept of mine before I put to much time and effort to it.

Please leave a review! The reviews and feedback will decide wheter or not I will create a sequel where I will include all the ideas I had from the start including more game-modes, better graphics and recorded scores.

The game is simple. Type the letters that fall down from the top of the game screen before they reach the bottom. The drop-rate increases quite fast. If 20 letters hit the ground you will lose.

Have Fun!

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Simply without any features

First of all it should include instructions on proper finger placement and movement .via simple graphics

- difficulty slider , 3 or 4 lelels (icant type for shit) idlike to learn

-better backdrop, every letter shoudl have a dull unique color
- a line where letter apear and disapear
-better sound effect
- mellow backhround msuuic

Nenivraj responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I am about to start working on an improved version of the game tonight.

Unique colors would be quite a job, that would be 26 different colors. At the same time the colors should not blend with the background. I will see what I can do about that.

Difficulty settings is an idea. I would need to work on the scoresystem for that so I could get it balanced.

Sound effects and music are being worked on.