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1.0.7 - Facebook App

1.0.6 - Small bugs fixing, possibility to share battle results on Facebook

BABEWARS isn't truly a game also if someone can consider it very similar. This flash was created to propose, in a different way, the structure already present on the website http://www.babewars.net

The goal of this application is very simple, someone can consider it interesting, some other instead can say that the structure is too simple and stupid because you don't have a real purpose: give a look and have your opinion.

The game start with a virtual battle between two beautiful celebrities, there are 10 rounds and for each round you must choose who will win. Each round is a part of the body of the babes.

For this reason you can decide who will win the battle, but all other users will decide who will win the war: at the end of each battle you can see the result of the battle for the other users and start a new battle.

So the most interesting part is to compare your opinion with other people and look the charts generated from all the battles.

BABEWARS works only online because need to interact with the server in order to download images and upload battle results.

I hope that my domain will have a 99.9% uptime because if my domain isn't working the game don't work.

At the moment is compatible with the website http://www.babewars.net : web battles and flash battles will feed a single database. In the future I will decide if the flash version will replace completely the HTTP version.

Of course this is the first version, I hope that is bug free, but I promise to fix all the problems discovered and reported. At the same time I will add extra functions or features if this will improve the product.

If you want give a look also to the website or to the forum: I hope that can become a place where exchange ideas and receive suggestion on how improve Babewars.

You can use the specific function to request missing babes or you can help us to create a 'babeset': in this second way will be more simple and fast increase the number of the celebrities, more celebrities will be presents, more the battles will be interesting. Leave a message on the forum if you want to help, and I will create a procedure to find pictures and resize to the format used by Babewars.

Thanks for you time, I hope that you will like my idea.


It won't start for me

Babewars responds:

Sometimes can happen if the server http://www.babewars.com isn't reachable. Unfortunatly my current hosting isn't good..

An excellent classic idea!
Only downside being instances where faces with make-up are paired with non make-up ones. Good luck with the database!

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Babewars responds:

Yes I know...not all the pictures have the same quality and some pictures are without make-up. In the future I will like to create a function that allow to the user to suggest better pictures to replace the older. Now the database contains a considerable number of girls...so is time to optimize...unfortunatly almost no one take part to the forum and I can't compare my ideas.

whoa im third, anyway still good game and also has quality in real life i have been thrilled with the game.Im giving it a 5/5 hope you make more. ps also join war of the web we need every help we can get

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Babewars responds:

Thaks, I'm happy that you liked it!


is anyone else having trouble ?

dunno, maybe it's just on my end. but when I hit play, I got a bunch of messages saying that things crashed. I ended up with a bunch of images flashing on my screen. =-(

Babewars responds:

I'm not sure of when you have tried...after the first release for some minutes the flash was not working because with the standard configuration was not possible to access to external domains, to downloads pictures and exchange data.

At the moment is working and if your are able to reach the domain http://www.babewars.net you should be able also to use the software.

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3.15 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2011
1:07 PM EST
Simulation - Other