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School 14 Dicktied

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lol this is in wetpussygames. they took it without permission lol. I guess they don't have enough shitty flashes
If you have not seen "School 13 Tonguetied", watch it. This is probably the first flash that I'm not disappointed with in a long time...maybe just a little bit but yeah. Please do not think I hate Nightwayfarer for making this movie. I just made this because I believe no one made fun of his stuff yet, and I thought the idea was kind of cool. I'm really impressed at how nightwayfarer chooses his colors on his cartoons. Wish I know something like that. I really worked hard on this cuz I don't wanna embarrass nightwayfarer. I learned many things when I was making this movie; I realized how bad I am at fbf. I even observed a lot of zone's work when I was making this video. I wish that this flash will not be one of those flashes that I will regret making. I hope you'll forgive me if this video offends you or just made nightwayfarer look bad. Thanks for watching, I hope you liked it, and happy holidays if you celebrate any.
People, Nightwayfarers new School 13 movie is already out but it is in youtube. I believe nightwayfarer did not submit his new movies to newgrounds because I think that he believes his stuff does not get enough attention/love, and his movies are long and have very good qualities. I could imagine nightwayfarer looking at zone's works that has over 3 million views and are not even as long as his movies. Damn, I could only imagine how much that hurts. The other reason why he stopped submiting his work in newgrounds might the amout of trolls newgrounds has. yep that could be it.
The song is called "Season of Hope" by Autumn.

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This wasn't gay enough.


XD the face of the guy when she suck

hahaahah! i should try this!!!

So touching! Bravo! lol

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Dec 24, 2011
10:09 AM EST