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Sonic Quiz

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Author Comments

Answer 10 questions about sonic and be amazed how much you didn't know.
Every question has 3 options - Hint - displays a hint for you.
50/50 - leave 2 answers, 1 of them is correct.
Insta - Instantly answer the question (booring, just for spectators)

This quiz is not supposed to be hard or anything, its here just for entertainment and maybe education.

Have fun.

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Cool - Wikipedia

was it supposed to be hard?

megadoctor responds:


i found this game to be cool despite the fact that it feels kinda slow

Dang, this is actually accurate, despite the fact that it was based on facts from Wikipedia(the ONLINE ENCYCLOPEDIA ANYONE CAN E D I T-).

Though, even some of these questions rattled me. I already figured Bill Clinton is what inspired Sonic's personality, but hearing that Cocoa-Cola actually worked with SEGA in the past? That's crazy and cool!

megadoctor responds:

I'm glad You liked it despite the fact that it's 9 years old.

10 from 10. Im proud