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Falling! is an action game in wich you have to make the ball fall through holes for as long as possible. You can collect choppers through to break the floor and and make the ball drop longer.

Use the arrow keys to move the ball left and right, and if you have collected choppers, you can use them to break the floor. Press P to pause the game.

This game was developed by AGD games (http://agdgames.blogspot .com/), and is the first game that we've made. It was based on the classic Atari's Fall Down.

Any comments, bugs or questions, please e-mail agdgames@gmail.com


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Could use some work

As far as game play goes it is rather simple and reminds me a little bit of Plumet where the lower you go the faster the screen scrolls. However instead of characters you have a little ball that moves and can bounce off of the walls if it is going fast enough. One thing making this one different is you can break the floor and go down a bit quicker which is rather helpful when getting down toward the latter parts where the screen is going really fast.

The game play is similar to Plumet anyways except you only have a ball and instead of rolling to get down a bit quicker you have hammers which are as I stated earlier helpful down into the lower parts of the game where the screen begins to get really fast. The ability to destroy the floor is helpful although I did encounter a glitch from time to time where if I broke the floors very quickly in succession then I would not fall even though there was a hole below me, it did not happen often though. Just a minor thing.

The graphics are pretty simplistic yet bland at the same time. While the gray ball is nice and the floors are made to look obviously breakable. The walls at the side kind of make it funner as you can bounce off of them and fall which is good anyways. The only bad things graphically are the walls which looks rather bland and the background is also pretty boring. If they begin to change shades or even into new backgrounds as you went further down then that would be nice to see.

The audio here is pretty simplistic and nice sounding at least. Although I did find a small audio glitch if you decide to play without sound, then pause and turn on the sound. The track will mess up and be playing twice at once with the track playing and then it playing again one second behind the current playing piece. Really minor there too.

Overall, it's not too bad for your first try although it could use a bit more work and possibly even a second song here too. The hammers are a nice game play item too, have fun with other games in the future.

Review Request Club

agdgames responds:

Thanks a lot for your comments!
I will try to improve next time!

great, but...

you could do better

Credits & Info

4.37 / 5.00

Dec 23, 2011
4:22 PM EST

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