Madness Infinite part B

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Here is second part of Madness Infinite I hope you like it because I really do hard work with it. Thanks to everybody Who helped me: Krinkels, Lubos, MadCom, Delamortes, Alpha-Nuva and Cheshyre if I forget somebody I am sorry

Underdog of week - Thank you guys. But I don´t know what is it :D



i thought the overall video was good and i liked the backround music too.

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Ellvis responds:

Thank you , :)


You need some good music on here that will make it even more so

Ellvis responds:

Thanks. I have a lot of good music- hardstyle :3


After watching both parts, I really loved them both.
First off, the animation is fantastic, it's smooth, it's fast, you do it just right.
Next, the music you chose fit the situation, and I liked your story, and how you ended it.

The only thing I didn't really like, was the grunting noises, and how Part A ended, it was too quick for me, had to quickly switch parts D:
The things I loved the most was the facial expression use in this, and the Drunk Mode, I lol'd when he yelled at the Auditor, had a good few lol's because of that.

Again, great job Ellvis. I really loved this, and I look forward to your other stuff :D

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Ellvis responds:

Thank you very. I like your animations, and yeah It was cut bad but I wanted to make this all in one part but I failed :)


i think i'll try drunk mode next time i go to the pub

Ellvis responds:

xD thanks a lot man. Good luck with alcohol


sick animation. mad funny drunk part. y were the other guys wearing yankee hats?

Ellvis responds:

Because the all are fucking hip hop gangstas and I don´t like them , GRRRRRR.

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4.42 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2011
10:18 AM EST
  • Underdog of the Week December 28, 2011