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Bilbo the Diabetic

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Author Comments


One candybar to rule them all, one candybar to find them, one candybar to bring them all and in their sugar levels, spike them.

SINcerely yours,



Only a Snickers edited?

At least it was funny somehow in this context, but I'm afraid the whole video is not your own creation!
Not even the pasted Snickers =D

But Merry Christmas to you too!

Psychopath responds:

Yes, I'm well aware of the fact that I did not use my own assets for this Flash movie but that's the burden we must carry; parody knows few owners.


The content is not at all offensive(unless some of you may think otherwise) but the real gems of this clip is the animation and the sound quality makes it feel like a scene(except the 'Snickers' part) that was taken out of a Disney classic(may be possible).Although the sound quality is a little unclear and the ending is also a little sudden,but overall it is an excellent piece of work.

Psychopath responds:

Actually the adaptation of Lord of the Rings that I used for this parody was created by an animation director called Ralph Bakshi, who created the adaptation in 1978 as a challenge to prove that he could create a family film during a time in which he was only notable for creating sleazy X rated adult cartoons, how ironic.

I might be wrong in the fact that proving himself was his motive for creating the Lord of the Rings adaptation because he created another fantasy film prior to that called "Wizards" that was also appropriate for children, well, to an extent I guess.

where's the flash?????

so.. 99,9% copy of a cartoon, with 1 added (uninteresting) sprite during a couple of secs. if i was more fluent with the FAQ, i'd dared declare this as stolen.
i'm not sure i really appreciate the author's comment either, sounds more discriminating than entertaining to me.. language barrier?
please put up a panel when the "funny part" of this is supposed to happen, i totally missed it.

with a bit of work it'd be possible to make a funny parody on bilbo&co. what about you try?

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Psychopath responds:

I can't think of a remark more idiotic than "where's the flash?????" when regarding a submission to the Flash Portal. If it's not a Flash movie then how the fuck did it end up in the Flash portal to begin with?

Let's make one thing abundantly clear right now, Flash is not it's own medium, the medium you're referring to is called "animation", Flash is a file format associated with and commonly used for animation.

By all actuality, this is indeed a Flash movie because it's a SWF file, which is the reason why it was accepted by Newgrounds' server. Flash also accepts multiple import formats such as PNG and WAV files. One of the formats Flash accepts is the FLV format, more specifically, FLV1, which is what we have here in "Bilbo the Diabetic".

And yes, this shit is completely and utterly stolen, or copied if you will, but because of it's nature as a parody and falling underneath the category of fair use rights, it's acceptable to both redistribute and to profit from, which is the reason why the Newgrounds moderators thought it to be acceptable to activate the ads I installed from their ad revenue program.


what the hell is this fuckery a 3 for the snicker thats it

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Credits & Info

4.02 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2011
7:06 AM EST
Comedy - Parody