Black Navy War 2

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Black Navy War 2 is a naval battle simulation game. Defend your base, create units and destroy the base of enemy.


Subs are key to victory.

Holy carp that was hard! Just managed to beat the final boss on easy! Took me about a month of building my stats though. Brilliant but simple game.
A tip for anyone that is struggling, use subs and cruisers as your main attack. Anything else, and the boss ship wont come out until they are gone, which takes time, which costs you points.
OK..... On to Medium. See you in another 6 months hah,

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i have loved this game for years but forgot the name....... for months i sat here and cruised the interwebs looking for it.... i found it. :)

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Jeez talk about having one hell of a fight on your hands!

I got to the third boss before taking a break, dear god when the boss shows up its like an onslaught.

Totally agree if Inquisitor's tips. Upgrades and new units are fun, but the game drags out for quite a while. See if you can't refine that man.

The game is so fun and solidly coded! The simple art allows the game to run smoothly and decrease lag.

Max upgrade resources tiers then everything else.
Hoard money then spam all units.
When the boss arrives, stop spamming units and let the boss advance. If you will not do this, you will not be able to damage it.
Once the boss is far out the enemy base, spam all units. Concentrate all your artillery on the boss.
After defeating the boss, finish off the already heavily damaged enemy base.
Rinse and repeat.


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3.93 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2011
2:55 AM EST
Strategy - Artillery