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The end of the world p: 1

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Dec 21, 2011 | 5:28 PM EST

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Author Comments

The end of the World part 1: one year before December 21st 2012.



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What the hell is up with all of the hype of the World ending on 12/21/2012?! The Mayans never predicted the world would end. Ask a real life mayn if they know the world will end on december 2012, and they'll be asking What the Fuck is wrong with you?

If the world is going to end, it'll end seven years after an asteroid will hit the Earth.

Abracadabra123 responds:

Like it or not, this is a begining of a serie about the end of the world at 12/21/2012.
The final episode is after the end of the world if nothing happens to me or the rest of the world.


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nice try!

they already established that the world is not going to end in 2012 remember the tablets they found that they said the world was going to end in 2012? it was a mistranslation! the tablets and the Mayan calender do not tell the end of the world it tells the end of the old age December 21st 2012 marks the end of one age and enters into a new age i believe its the 4th age. we enter one every 1200 years or so and after the 4th age is done it gos back to the 1st age! so in conclusion the world is not going to end.. well at least not in 2012 another world war could happen and that could be what kills us(im hoping for the zombie apocalypses) but all and all this movie had some funny moments and i would like to see part 2 when it comes out!

Abracadabra123 responds:

It's a serie of cartoons about the end of the world. The final episode would be after December 21st 2012 only if I'm still alive. The final episode would be happy endings. Thank you for the high score.


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Good attempt

Keep trying, But this has a 3 year old humor level. Plus the art is very "Shape like".