Dangerous Christmas

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Merry Christmas! 100 Points

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Author Comments

Timmy is back in a Christmas adventure! Being a smooth little thi- err, treasure hunter, he has never gotten any presents from Santa. This is going to change tonight, when Timmy sets on a dangerous journey to steal himself a present, even if it means traveling all the way to the workshop of the big guy himself!

Dangerous Christmas is a mini sequel / level pack for game Dangerous Dungeons, check out the original game here!
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/583201

Arrow keys to move and duck.
Z to jump
P to pause the game
R to restart stage or from checkpoint if you get stuck in puzzles.
Esc to return to the Main Menu
0 to mute/unmute and + / - to adjust sound.

Music by KungFuFurby!

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Difficult, but worth it!

Difficult by design, not bug or glitch, and quite playable, with a very simple and fun story told in 5 cutscenes, this game is all but 10 stars! What could make it better is perhaps some more sound effects, and perhaps multiple endings. But, very good, and I think that this author has huge potential, so keep it up!

Not bad

Could have been better though. At the begging you can change the controls too which was nice. So 9/10 and 5/5.

Great game!

Fiendishly hard for such a cartoony like graphic, but very nice!

No bug, very well programmed, well thought levels. I'd change the dying sound effect, though. It got too repetitive with the hundreds of deaths. Also, why not make respawning faster? The fade out seemed unnecessary.

Took me around 40 minutes to beat.

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SO DAMN HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Curse my stubbornness; I don't feel the least of satisfaction for finishing this game. Next Christmas, I'll be stationed by the chimney with my rifle. Good game, I personally hated it because of some mechanics but OH WELL.

Good game

Lol i love all the people that are giving it a low score because they fail and can't finish it. I liked it, there was only 2 levels that i had a hard time on but i wasn't stuck on them for too long. The ice was challenging which is a good thing, and all these people crying about the controls i don't see anything wrong with the controls. The only thing i got frustrated on was when you drop down on those white things that disappear when you stand on them, sometimes it wouldn't jump but that was because of poor timing and being in mid air. Over all i think this was a good game and it killed about a half hour (i was half watching T.V). I will definitely play it again and hope to see more from you. I rate it 8/10

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3.32 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2011
3:58 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other