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Dangerous Christmas

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Author Comments

Timmy is back in a Christmas adventure! Being a smooth little thi- err, treasure hunter, he has never gotten any presents from Santa. This is going to change tonight, when Timmy sets on a dangerous journey to steal himself a present, even if it means traveling all the way to the workshop of the big guy himself!

Dangerous Christmas is a mini sequel / level pack for game Dangerous Dungeons, check out the original game here!
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/583201

Arrow keys to move and duck.
Z to jump
P to pause the game
R to restart stage or from checkpoint if you get stuck in puzzles.
Esc to return to the Main Menu
0 to mute/unmute and + / - to adjust sound.

Music by KungFuFurby!

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Good game

Lol i love all the people that are giving it a low score because they fail and can't finish it. I liked it, there was only 2 levels that i had a hard time on but i wasn't stuck on them for too long. The ice was challenging which is a good thing, and all these people crying about the controls i don't see anything wrong with the controls. The only thing i got frustrated on was when you drop down on those white things that disappear when you stand on them, sometimes it wouldn't jump but that was because of poor timing and being in mid air. Over all i think this was a good game and it killed about a half hour (i was half watching T.V). I will definitely play it again and hope to see more from you. I rate it 8/10

Annoying Or Challenging? Hard...

Its been a while since I got as mad as I did playing this game, and it's cus you seem to need to have fast reactions. And maybe even more than that you have to have the whole set of moves you'll do pre-planned, and prepared. One wrong move and it's all gone.

I seriously can't tell whether this is a challenge like we haven't seen in a while or just annoying because some of, the fail's can be blamed on the stiff controls and the annoying background. Like when you're on ice you can't press an arrow key without the ice ground thing throwing you as fast as it can into the ice-pointy-things ... and then it becomes just a race and you have to do things as fast as you can, but it's frustrating cus as soon as you pass one part if you stop a while and celebrate the ice makes the character move to his death!

It's hard to tel if it's a challenging game, because while it may need fast moves I can't tell it requires lot's of skill, it's more memorizing steps and doing them as fast and precise as possible to avoid the stalactites to fall over you or to just rush into the ice-bush-things.

And the fact that you had to make "z" the jumping button instead of just the upwards-arrow key was a bit unnecessary. Maybe a "coordination challenge", but it isn't that hard, it just becomes frustrating after you are already frustrated and want to play with one hand. But you can't cus you need a single finger for the "z".

Won't complain about the graphics because the 8bit pixel games are getting pretty popular (don't know why) and I don't mind that much about the graphics. Many 8bit games are pretty awesome despite the fact that they are 8bit pixel games.

What could I expect? It's a dangerous game. Let's just leave it and say that the game DO is a Challenge. Still, can't call it the game of the week in my opinion, but I did like'd it. It was the challenge of the day.

So at the end I can just say Good game and Hope to see more work from you guys!

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Great game! Had me ragequit like no other. Thx for making a difficult platformer, its been long since i spent so much time on 10 levels! You were a bit cheap on Robosantas walking animation though. Nevertheless 10/10 and 5/5!

YOU'RE Awesome

Hurrah for the old school style video game! Nice matching 8-bit music too. Is too much awesome.

Okay okay okay.

This game is average. I say this because of 1 flaw - poor level design. I love these games, but you have turned my love stale. The unimaginative levels are revoltingly poor. You might want others to test your levels before you release this. The difficulty of the ice slippery-ness was just unbearable. There were so many things you could have touched up, it's not even funny. The graphics and controls, as well as music are at least okay. 4/10

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3.32 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2011
3:58 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other