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REGARDING THE LOW FILE SIZE! The game is being loaded from somewhere else which is why the game seems to be so small. It is actually about 8 megabytes.

Fight hordes of enemies.
Collect Inventium and loot.
Craft crazy weapons, impractical armor and improbable gadgets.
Level up your character and pick from a wide selection of perks.
Level up your weapons and watch them evolve new stronger and stranger features.
Complete challenges and achievements to unlock secret weapons and relics.
Save the world from an ancient evil.
So you know, the usual stuff.


well...........sweet as!

first thing.............awesome game dude..............second off............i agree with rlleadero, i hate it when assholes like flexys just think that a game is a lame ass parody made by some n00b on the other side of the world when it is actually in fact.....MADE BY THE SAME............FUCKING.........PERSO N/PEOPLE!.............third thing is that it wasnt ''great'' as such but just really awesome........also i dont like the concept of having to pay for extra content unless ur playing an MMO like runescape or wizard 101 and u get pretty far in the game before u do that anyway..........especially if a flash game is very long......if u didnt need to pay for extra content then i would have given u a perfect 10 out of 10


Concept and idea itself are great but the overall execution of the game left me with a bad taste in my mouth im not saying its not done well but throughout the whole experience i just had the idea that ''It could of been done better'' its ok but it could of been great and kinda feels like an attempt to cash in but oh well thats just my view

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great game, i mean really great

first off, i'm sick and tired of dumbasses on newgrounds that think games are parodies of others when they were made by the SAME FUCKING PERSON! (i'm talking to you flexys) anyway, i must say that this game had some of the greatest elements in a shooter and the biggest rainbow of a weapon arsenal since ratchet and clank. plus the gadgets were original and the ragnarok was a challenge to earn. overall one of the best on newgrounds and on the planet. premium content didn't need to be there but i'm feeling polite enough to give you ten stars.

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Good, but...

I despise when games require you to pay for content. Sure, maybe to get them quicker, but to only make them available to those who pay? What's that show, money is all that's important anymore? Well some people aren't fortunate enough to have money to blow on a flash game. It's not worth the effort.

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Good, but could have been great

Love the concept, hated the "Pay for better stuff" part. Also was a little disappointed that I capped at level 20.
As for the weapons, they were way to easy to upgrade, and after a point I was only using one of them the entire time due to it's high damage and the perk to get more ammo as needed.

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4.07 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2011
1:32 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed