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Ice Racer 2

rated 2.94 / 5 stars
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Dec 21, 2011 | 11:54 AM EST

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Author Comments

Ice Racer 2 is a sequel for ice racer, Drive trough rough snowy mountains, get upgrades for your buggy, upgrade your engine, balance our a set of your finest off road wheels, This game is very addicting and challenging so get ready for some extreme fun



Rated 1 / 5 stars

Unbalanced upgrading breaks the entire game.

Concept: make a action driving game. Or more accurately a slow paced crash testing game.

Aesthetic: Nice use of cool and cool/warm colors fitting for the even cooler environment. No sound besides music and because of flawed and or rushed game design makes the music even more repetitive, which is a shame cause it's pretty despite being repetitive in it of itself. Car design is pretty awesome too wish I could say the same on how it operates.


If you're having a bad day and want that anger to continue to burn play this game. It has a broken upgrade system with your choices of power, balance and friction 2 of which are just a useless asthetic change. The "power" (speed) ability is the only thing you should focus on if you have any hopes of beating the know what let's not kid ourselves, You can't even get pass level fucking 4 with it's MEGA RAMP without having your speed upgraded to at least 3-4 gauges.

And even if that's not entirely accurate WHO CARES. It makes the point of having the option to choose what to upgrade utterly pointless let alone the "upgrades" being virtually useless until MAYBE you get them half way maxed out but, good luck with that! Also the levels all look the same, and with the virtual impossibility of leveling up until you complete a level which I guarantee you most of your reasons for victory will be by memorization and cautiously tapping the gas button as if it's a bear in hibernating.

My patience ran its course at level 7 I'm sick and tired of trying to keep my buggy balanced from clipping the littlest hills I come across and taking unnecessarily cautious ramp jumps over and over again. This could've easily been fixed with a better EXP system getting big air and successfully landing "+1 point" doing difficult tricks such as a wheelie + "2 points" etc. Hell even a freakin check point may have been all you needed to make this game at LEAST tolerable.

Overall: Skip this, It feels like a rushed game. It has dull and repetitive levels and takes the "action" right out of it for forcing the player to go slow and steady which would've been fine if the ranking system wasn't complete shit.


You can easily fix this with no extra game design required here's my suggestion: For every new level include a recommendation on what to level up that way the other attributes(assuming the other 2 attributes work in the first place) will actually feel useful and people will know what kind of level to expect.

Or the better option they'll benefit EVERYONE in the long run.

Take this down and redesign the entire ranking system for this game. As broken as this was I don't even want to imagine what Ice Racer 1 was like.


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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Great difficulty, but yet frustrating.

I'm not surprised it's a shitty game. Yeah, you get kudos for using upgrades. But what's the point in upgrading the balance, if it doesn't do a single thing? I mean really, man? Did you even test your game first or what? And the friction upgrade doesn't even do anything either, except change the tire appearance. So that should of just be changed to "Tires" instead.

Yeah, the difficulty is spot on and yet so freaking frustrating at the same time. So kudos to that. And a tip for the future part 3, on the map try to make to sure the entire map connects properly. Because you can tell where you connected things at, as there's a gap in between two hills/segments in the map. Not a nitpick, just a heads up.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good Work

Great as its got upgrades and didn't expect that. I think we would like it to be faster with more action but that comes later i suppose. Through a cpl bigger jumps to awsome it up a bit.

Overall good work for a game of this time.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Surprisingly entertaining.


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