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Infinite Bass - Prototype

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This is a game I have been working on for a university for a couple of weeks it is a prototype so in no way is it a full representation of a complete game. I have made every element myself from the levels,sprites,items and action script. I also had sound for this game but I have not been able to figure out the action script to sort it out yet. I am after some real constructive criticism so I can make the game better. So if there's something you dont like or would like me to change please feel to express this. If you even feel like giving me grilling game review feel free. I am after constructive criticism not trolling. If really like the game and want more, say so if the demand is larger I may consider making the full thing.

link to the actual level music: http://youtu.be/Yq-bU5m0M zE

Also if you would like to work with me send a message I am better at making and creating the elements than the actionscript it self.

I have also a interest in making some flash animation in the near future.

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Like the other guy said, it'd be much better if the camera centered around the character. I notice you've got it set the same way if you move backwards on the screen; I like that you've given the player the option to go back, not that there's really any reason to in this version. Perhaps if you had some parts where the player went up and down the level, you could give the player some reason to move backwards.

Indeed, it's just the usual platformer right now. Run forward, collect [item] that's in your way to get more points, jump on enemies, watch out for holes, and reach the goal. You'll want to add a bit more variation in there... For example, making it so the player can find the key easily enough, but making it tricky to actually get it. You could also add special moves, which would perhaps cost those 'clef' things to use. For example, jumping very high or floating across a decent distance.

Just keep in mind that games should generally provide some sort of challenge. Try to keep things fresh and avoid repetition, though, and don't make it "challenging" in an annoying way, such as having to be 100% precise to achieve something in the game. Anyhow, keep at it; I'm sure you can do something better.

The usual platformer, but it needs some work.

You should really have the camera start moving when your character gets into the center of the screen, not almost all the way to the right, it makes the game nearly impossible to do unless you know what's coming.

I'm aware that it's a prototype, and because of this, I have to say it's quite good, when the real one comes out that should be worth a real play through, also, work on developing some sort of storyline for the game. "You are a career bassist, but when you go to check online for some new tabs you find that the bass has been erased from the world, go find bass clefts to restore to the world the glory of the bass!" or something to give a purpose to the game.

Also, if as you started the game, the music is more high pitched, and as you go through collecting the bass clefts, the music becomes more... Bass would be a nice touch.