Snow Drift

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Press LEFT and RIGHT to walk left and right. Press UP to jump. Press DOWN to slide on the ice and press up to cancel sliding.


Great, fun and solid game!

I do some videos on Youtube, "lets play" videos and I did this one for the winter theme. I wanted to say that I was very happy and surprised with how actually awesome this game was. Its legit like a real handheld game and it plays better than some of those games!

My video playthrough can be found on Youtube, but I wont link it here. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed playing.

It's OK

My favorite part that actually has to do with the game is sliding, but the spikes are just so frustrating. I know it needs to be more difficult, but I don't find it fun to stop in the middle of a slide and die all of a sudden. I also love to duck/(Press down arrow) and kind of "dance" to the music. It's a good game but Sreith below me said, it's the pace that is annoying.


Oy IcySoul777... try clicking on the game screen and not outside. it just might let you move. there is no glitch... that or update your flash player. it will correct 100% of your so called glitches.

Personnaly, i didnt like the pace of the game. fast, slow, slower, faster, fastest, dead, faster, slowpoke etc. The gameplay is fine otherwise. Jumping height depend on how much you press the button and i like that.
The music feels retro, disco. it might not fit with the game totally but it's good and like that dude said, can't get tired of it.
Graphic are fine. Not the best but i have nothing against them, Nothing wrong so far.

Why 7/10? that comes from my personnal view. Like i said i didnt like the pace of the game. controls are fine and everything. i just didnt like it so... yeah. My opinion.

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Visually appeasing, but severe glitch ruins it.

I'll be honest, when I saw a new game on the front page, I decided... Hey lets check it out. At first it seemed very promising. The audio is very entertaining and up-beat, and even on loop I didn't find myself getting tired of it. Visually, it was decent, but that being said I have to get to the glitch mentioned in the title.

I couldn't move.

Now in any game, the lack of movement is a big concern, and I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing this glitch, but it's a big game changer as I'm sure your aware. I'm pretty much only able to give you a 8/10 audio wise, but the lack of game play means I can't enjoy the actual game, resulting in the big score drop.

I know it's not the easiest thing designing a game of any type, and I respect the users on Newgrounds that can make them, no matter how good or bad the game is. So please check out the glitch, and try to get it fixed so others can enjoy this potentially amazing game.


Nice concept and design.

I like the Idea of your ice platforms acting as real ice would.

The Yeti to screen size ratio and the level design ruined it a bit for me. The sliding is fun but not when you barely have time to react, also the missile dogs seemes to fire very frequently compared to enemies from other platformers.

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3.62 / 5.00

Dec 21, 2011
5:09 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop