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New experimental game inspired by Continuity. You have only five minutes to change your reality. Awesome atmosphere and great song.

WASD - movement
SPACE - open/close map
P - pause

You need to link all tunnels from one side to all tunnels on the other side to pass it. You can't pass if one of them don't have a linkage


pretty epic

this game is really awsome, and the cool thing is that i made it just in time, so whenever it went white at the end i was watching the clock go from 3 to 1 and then my guy went back to reality on the last second, it was really epic watching it


Amazing innotive concept, loved it.

The game can be broken near the end if after the area you have to jump up, if you jump up to the room above (the same room you fell down into that room to) and in midair change the tile below you to the new one, you get stuck.

and TheKekeMaster, clearly you decided to give it '0' and said its broken, before going right a bit more hmm? timer doesn't start straight away.


Such a great idea! My only problem with the game is was the 10 minutes I spent trying to figure out why I couldn't pass from one room to another. Include a tiny little bit explaining that all the tunnels in the 2 boxes must be connected. But besides that, the game well really well done.

9.8/10 :P

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this game does good honor to Continuity

This game is short, but exceptionally puzzling. Having played Continuity before, I immediately knew what to do and how to play. The audio is good, the graphics are visually appealing (except for a few times when I zoomed out and couldn't remember where the key was), and thanks for making keys that were inaccessible without a specific room obviously inaccessible so I didn't waste time trying to get an impossible combination.

The panels had very obvious layouts, so knowing where to go was fairly easy to tell, but the puzzles kept me thinking.

the story made no sense, but whatever. it was atmospheric enough to not matter

Good game, but I would suggest a player play continuity first, just to see what the design will throw at you.

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Beat the game, awesome.

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4.31 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2011
9:41 PM EST
Adventure - Other