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New experimental game inspired by Continuity. You have only five minutes to change your reality. Awesome atmosphere and great song.

WASD - movement
SPACE - open/close map
P - pause

You need to link all tunnels from one side to all tunnels on the other side to pass it. You can't pass if one of them don't have a linkage


I'm too stupid

I can't figure out why I can't access some rooms even if the rooms are connected

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Pretty fun.

The game was pretty fun, although it was frustrating until I learned that all pipes on a connecting side had to match in order to pass through. I also encountered the same little error that filcool666 encountered, in where I dropped down into the room that looks like this:
| |
And there was no way out. For future reference, this is the second to last room you enter, and you cannot enter it any sooner, or you can't complete the game because there's no way out.
If I were to make a suggestion for improvement, I'd say include a little note in the game itself explaining the pipe matching mechanic, and perhaps put some exit platforms into the room I mentioned above so that people don't get stuck. :)

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Brain Boggling Game!

So brain boggling, I'm not even sure I spelt boggling right! This game is one of a kind adn makes you come up with a billion questions regarding the game. "Why did that guy shoot him in the begining?", "Why is he getting a chance to capture the guy?", "Is this supposed to be a version of heaven or maybe even hell?". Those were all questions that I came up with in my attempt of the game and I hope to find them out when I finish the game within the next ten years.

Nice game

Cool story bro, but at the end I was expecting more something like the protagonist waking up on a hospital, sort of like the game represented his struggling for life, rather than a time reversal thingie and lots of unexplained stuff.
The gameplay was easy, I was able to solve it at the first attempt (and FSM knows I'm normally slow at solving games), partly because I had it practiced from Continuity. Maybe it was a bit short, but the gameplay was intense, so those 5 minutes (well, 4) were worth it. Nice music and atmosphere.

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Creative, fun and a great atmosphere... though, a bit on the simple side and a bit short. Was worth playing through twice though.

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4.31 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2011
9:41 PM EST
Adventure - Other