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So, this is the first more professional flash I have done.
It's kinda lacking in the comedy section.
I was mostly trying new animation techniques and just
having more animation total.

Like, more movements, more actions with the eyes,
jaw movement, etc.

There's a lot more than I normally do and I think it came out nice.

This spawned from my girlfriend always getting after me to animate,
I love animating, I do, but I'm also an avid gamer.. and gosh darn it,
there have just been so many games as of late.

Hope ya enjoy!


that was unexpected

Thats the best thing to do after getting violated by Ghost Go have Sex with your Girlfriend lol

very funny didnt see that punchline coming

Thumbs up!

Having fought those wicked ghosts that drag one away from creating, thank you for showing the regular community the constant battle to remain inspired and do stuff.

Heck, I'd give you 10 points just for your message to the fans.

You da Man!

And we all look forward to what you create in the future...
unless the ghosts of gaming get in the way!


That was definitly on the funnyside there congrats man!! I gotta actually start animating, dam ghosts keep bugging me! :)

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its really hard to get to work on something when theres something else on your mind,i know this as well,i often need to do some work but online gaming gets in the way

im just wondering why he didnt say "Maybe i could get some work done if leveling up didnt take so long",well thats what i would say

and cheers for distractions XD

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Pretty much the same reasons that hold back ALL of my artistic stuffs, soooo many games!

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Dec 20, 2011
5:58 PM EST
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