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Soup of the Day: #8

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Soup of the Day: #8 - Happy Holidays
Soup of the Day is a collab created at the Soup Squad, the links are in the flash video, anyone is welcome to join these collabs without being a member of the Soup Squad, just view the relevent area on the forum where the instructions are posted.
Leave a review please, they will all be responded to at some point.


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+ Nice looking intro thingy- would be nice to see a credit for that pic unless you really did make it for yourselves.
- falling snow is a bit weird- it falls in all directions

+ All works fine

+all three are OK- for once nobody was lazy and scribbly, unlike so many collabs

+they all worked well, with simple humour to make me smile, good sound, OK art and suitable animation.

*Tomato- tho the animation was limited, it was everything it needed to be. Who is that Bomb? Why is there a carrot with them?

*Canned- what is the thing that flashes on the screen- it spoils the beginning.
I so like the sound of Canned falling over.

* Potato - I noted a couple of moments of good angles and I liked the image of the snowball in Canned's eyes.

If only all crew collabs were as good as this NG would be a better place. Collab organisers should refuse to put crap in their collabs.

Little-Rena responds:

Snow generally falls in all directions, it doesn't fall stright down in reality either, lol.

There was no bomb, it was Ninja with a cross through to show he is banned and the only carrot is the one with shades, that's CarrotSoup, if your talking about the thing on the ground next to him, that's whisky.

Canneds had a problem with v-cam, that's what was up with the flash at the start.


i am there , i liked it alot :D
Thanks Zir0

Little-Rena responds:


You and your Soups :P


Just a few things to point out.

Title Screen: Art style doesn't match the rest of the movie. It looks nice, just a little inconsistent.

Tomato Soup: When the guy responded "f** yourself", the audio sounds like it was a bit clipped. I don't know if you custom made this or it was a sound acquired from somewhere else.

Canned Soup: This is nice, but would better if there were some shadows, at least on the cans and boxes.

Potato Soup: The aluminum can has a gradient on the top half, but not on the bottom half. When using vector art, normally I'd say avoid gradients, but in this case it fits well, because it's being applied to a cylindrical, metallic object.

I found Tomato Soup to be the funniest, followed by Potato Soup. Other than those, it's nice comical quickie.

* salutes *

- Ziro out.

Little-Rena responds:

Thanks, I took the sound as a clip from a video so eh, lol.