Christmas Coal Harvest

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This is my brief experimentation on a TD-like game.

Thank you for checking it out and Happy Holidays everyone!

Note: Double Click on Elf units for Upgrades.


Its ok. but I wish the elves didnt die so easily

Nice little game, the experimentation is a success.
You used the main codes of the genre to offer a short and succesfull flash game.
One scene, and just enough possibilities not to be bored and not to make the game too difficult (you really striked well on basis : short range defenders, long range, traps, walls, and workers, that's all we need !)

I had pleasure to see the ennemies getting stronger and stronger (white wolves, polar bears, etc.), and the increase of the difficulty is well made. It can be really difficult in the beginning, but when you've figured out how that work, it's easier to manage (proceeding by lines with traps-short range- workers- long range). So finally it's effective, the level is well thought cause we naturally organise our units with the landscape. Maybe a bit too obvious even.

Graphisms are nice, old school as I like it. Sounds are great too, the menu is well made.

'bout negative points, I noticed some.
- the interest is actually a bit limited, and if the lack of possibilities can be a plus, it can also be an issue. We could get bored because of the repetition of sequences. Actually, I guess it's possible not to do nothing by creating long range units by dozens and leave them making the job.
- music : this 2 seconds loop gets on my nerves finally :D
- chaos : if it's funny too see all units shooting in the same time, it's also a bit messy, and sometimes i had problems and couldn't pick up the soldier or trap i created.

So finally, I'm seduced, I'd say it's really a good job for an experimentation.
Way to go !

ok not to bad

you need more range weapons and you cant upgrade wtf .


This game would be pretty good if it wasn't so ridiculously hard.

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2.75 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2011
4:30 PM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense