Dragonzball P

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dont fuckin ask


I don't want to ask...

Yeah, this was pretty horrible. Nothing funny about it either.

It starts strong then trails off...

That opening song was a good parody of the old DBZ music, but the rest...it's just random silly faces. Before watching this I thought I liked random humor, but the jokes here got worn out before it ended. It's easy to get why this is a parody, yes you're spoofing DBZ dialogue, but despite that it feels like the jokes have little to do with DBZ. Those facial expressions could be put into any video and they'd make about as much sense.

HIlarious Animation

I don't rate 10/10 very often, but ... seriously. nymix's comment made THIS video even better. Just like real anime. XP Nothing makes an animation more fun than just enjoying it with friends or random people's comments. It's like MST3K. 'cept with Dragonzball P.

Very yes.

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The guy below me may just be funnier than this movie by a small amount. Fucking hilarious.

Wonderfully executed.

Dragonzball P is so intricately woven with the finest, sweetest, most succulent threads of artistry it nearly brought tears to my eyes. The conflict between Virginia and Kakafaggot is one that epitomizes the eternal war that is waged between reality and the ideal. It emphasizes the tragedy of battle and the bitterness that is accompanied by even the sweetest of victories. Vegeta's bloody defeat at the hands of Kakacarrotcake is heart-rending, and his prone position upon the ground reminds us of our own fragility, as we see how even the mightiest of beings are fallible.

The constant, seemingly nonsensical shift in facial expressions (notably those of Kakacabbage) are unnerving, and they lend a distinct sense of the surreal to the world of Dragonzball P that Salvador Dali would be proud of. Kakacoffee's expressiveness is absolutely fascinating, as it beautifully illustrates the spectrum of human emotion and the many conflicts of feeling we all experience in times of trial and tribulation.

The depth of character evident in both Virginia and Kakafaggot is astounding. Vegeta's most memorable soliloquy -- the one in which he states, "pbbbtttbpptbbt"-- was so powerful it made my skin tingle for hours. Kakafaggot's personality borders on the angelic, and the moment he punches Vegeta is one that should be forever captured in the collective mind of the art world; it is loaded with feeling and tragedy and a kind of brutal love that is difficult for me to describe.

This is a true work of art. Your philosophies, your genius, and your talent astound me. Thank you for bringing beauty into my desolate world; my respect is forever yours.

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4.47 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2011
1:16 PM EST
Comedy - Parody