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Tactical Force 1

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3D-realtime rail First Person Shooter, where you are an elite tactical soldier with dangerous anti-terrorism solo missions to complete with the only help of a growing armory of military weapons.

"...Neutralize all hostiles in the building and find a good spot to snipe. We're counting on you, Ghost 1."

Mouse = Aim & Shoot
Space = Reload & Take Cover
Q = Switch Weapons
W = Adjust Scope
E = Change Firing Mode

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your game needs work. remove the sniper sections or turn them into FMVs and make it so that the recoil is reduced for all weapons.


Well there is a glitch that makes an enemy to go behind a building where I can not kill him but he can still shoot at me. And I have an observation, the game appeared in spanish, was it suposed to translate itself according to your location?, if it is so I think that it was pretty good.

Graphics are good

The animation is very well done. Grats on that. The beginning of the mission could be looked at as 'just a little difficult', but when I got to the sniping part I couldn't hit anything. Maybe I'm just bad at the game, but I did my best, and the targeting is hard for me to use- you need a bit more time before the enemies disappear.

Promising concept, needs brushing up.

I actually liked this game and found it slightly underrated. It is definitely more in-depth and well-developed than a lot of games with similar ratings.

Some notes:
-I agree with what some other reviewers have mentioned. I.e. the ammo is frustrating, and the issues with the aiming.
-I also found the outdoor sequences to be a bit of a pain. When there are multiple enemies spread out, you don't really know when they are going to fire, and coming out from cover means you are guaranteed to get hit most of the time. I guess that is part of the fear of combat. But comparing to Time Crisis, I think those games were made to give you a split second or so when you popped out of cover just so it was halfway fair.
-The M4/assault rifle is pretty much useless. It has no accuracy and it takes like half a clip to hit a health power up. Most of the game I spent using pistols because they were clean and relatively accurate.
-The sniping is WAY too slippery.
-The graphics are nice. I actually liked the music too.
-Voice acting was good. Note that in at least one spot the voice does not line up with the text - did you edit the text after recording the voices?
-The game ends abruptly. More plot would be nice. We have to kill some important guy in the first stage, and I was hoping for more deveopment with that. Like at least a final boss or some sort of "final target."
-Most of the levels end up looking the same.

All in all, I think it's a good start. I needs something to give it some more life. Maybe a better HUD, I don't know.

pretty good

bit like time crisis