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A fun mouse avoider, with a mix of puzzles, reaction, stealth, and action.
this game is sequel of my popular game touch the core
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/537465

The sequel to the legendary touch the core has arrived! Now with more puzzles and action-packed levels!

UPDATE: I change the stage 2 and 4 order to make people know the game mechanic,thanks for the comment


Great game

Some of the maps really pissed me off. But all in all I think it's a great game, and i enjoyed played it. I stopped at level 15 couse i had no ideare how to complete it. Anyway gj

Poor execution.

This could be a good idea but as others noted it needs brushing up. However I would lose the memes. If people want memes they will go on a meme site. I don't think it really adds anything and is just a cheap way to ride something popular to try to make the game come across more well-thought-out or creative.

At least for me it was pretty buggy too (either that or the gameplay just makes no sense). I started dying randomly on the third level. Mind you I won't even start with the name of the level - "Keep in mind that you cannot touch anything instead the core." I have no idea what "instead the core" means. So I play the level, I hit a wall... oh ok, I can't touch that. I figured I can't touch the red lines either. For some reason I died when I hit the text. Is this a bug? Then I was waiting for the second red circle to turn around and I just spontaeously exploded. Awesome.

fortunacus responds:

do you see the reflection barrier also before make this comment?

Clunky, Badly designed and poorly executed.

I'm not sure where to begin. I'll start with the most glaring flaws.

Graphically its one of the most poor games I've ever. It has no coherant aesthetic and shifts between graphical styles every level. Which is fine, but the graphics themselve are very, very bad. Badly optimised, badly drawn and ripped. Just bad. Everything about the graphics in this project are very amateur. Have a coherant overall aesthetic or a coherant aesthetic for each level. You can't just throw artwork together and call it a game.

No backgrounds in the levels is a good thing and a bad thing. A simple muted background for each level could add to the atmosphere as long as it isn't too noisy and pulls the viewers attention away from what they're doing. It should be funtional like a black background, but pretty like wallpaper.

The interface is good though. Non-intrusive and functional without being over flashy. The font for the score throws everything out of balance though and detracts from this.

retry, stage select, play more and next stage scream amateur once again. Those should be capitalised so that they read - Retry, Stage Select, Play More, and Next Stage. I'm not the king of grammar and spelling. But glaring flaws like this detract from the games quality.

Music - Slightly in tune with the game, but feels tacked on. Perhaps more appropriate music could be chosen. Not much to say on this. It works for what it is.

Gameplay: The part that I actually liked. I enjoyed the challenge, it was fun and varied, always keeping me on my toes. The graphical and aesthetic problem really took away form it however. The difficulty scaling was out of whack, some levels were simple and some levels were unfairly hard to the point where it was luck to win some - I'm looking at you spaceship level. I had to wait nearly 5 minutes for the last spaceship to actually start coming onto my screen. This shows me that you did not properly test your game and just threw it together. At no point should a player be relying on luck in a game IF the basis of the game is a not a luck based challenge. Honestly, it plays like a proof of concept than a real game. I did really enjoy the variety and complexity of the levels, and they were quite easy to figure out what to do, but a little more challenging to do it.

I'm not going to bash you for having no storyline, as it doesn't need it.

Overall, what you have here is a fantastic IDEA, but a bad game. It needs work and a lot of it if it is to be a fantastic game. I really look forward to seeing a sequal as it has bukets of potential, but is overall not up to scratch with good game design principles.

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relly great

i believe this is a great challange


The balance is way off. You go from a simple stage 1 to an offset stage 2 where you have no idea what the hell is going on or what to do. Going onto stage 3 just reverses the difficulty, since it's much simpler.

It's an idea that's been done before and I would say this isn't anything too special, honestly. I'd also have to knock off a point for the pedobear and Chuck Norris stuff thrown in... Unless the game is about memes in some way, I'd refrain from including them, especially with something so old as Chuck Norris. It loses the game's potential by mixing it in with the crowd that tries too hard to relate to the internet community. You just can't do that.

I do like the music, but it's a bit repetitive. The gameplay is uneven as already said, and the speed of the pointer is too slow. I'd like it to go with the tempo of my mouse. It's more comfortable.

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3.32 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2011
10:22 PM EST
Skill - Avoid