The 2nd Dash Trailer

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This is the 2nd approved trailer for the Dash Adventures: A series in progress that will take some time before it will be completed. ^_^"
I give credit to SEGA & Sonic Team for the music and sprite development.
I also give credit to all of the Sprite Rippers
Lastly, I give credit to all of the custom sprite makers for the Dash Characters...
(Sorry for not giving exact names, I am short of time, and I will give detail in the time being.)
Hope you guys enjoy it and if you like it, support us at dashadventures.formumotio n.com

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To all folks saying "recolor alert"

I am actually the director of the whole project. See, we KNOW what the character designs are like, but we're the kind of people who believe that characters shouldn't be condemned just because they look like Sonic/Shadow, personality and abilities are also very important factors in our book.

Dash is a half Sonic, half Shadow type, but his strengths only go as far as above average speed (nowhere near Sonic) and ice-wielding, as suggested by the trailer itself.

Crash is his best buddy, a plasma sword wielder who has an unfortunate tendency to talk first, think later, and his mouth usually gets him in trouble or makes him look stupid, I laughed when I typed that by the way lol. Oh and for the record, he'll get a redesign later on, it's part of the story. xD

Ashley is the love interest for Dash, but she has an intense crush on Shadow, which drives Dash crazy and gets him into trouble when he starts acting jealous.

And finally Houdini, who is my FC, is a Sugar Glider who trained almost all his life in martial arts. No actual powers beyond natural abilities a Sugar Glider would have (climbing, gliding, etc.)

So you see folks, we're not your typical recolor users, we have awesome sprites coming, awesome VAs waiting to recieve scripts, and artwork from my good buddy RaianOnzika of deviantART, which you saw in the trailer here.

Give us a chance gang, I guarentee you'll love it. ^^

Xyno76 responds:

Heh, thank you for the explanation EP ^_^U

Not bad

Gives me a good smirk watching it. Reminds me of my old school games I love to play of those designs... Now I think I might go play some Lunar 2 now...


Looks really good...but the stolen sprites bugs me a bit.

It may just be me

but Dash and Crash look a lot like Sonic, so alike that it's just like they were Sonic but then colored over. Why would I think this?

Xyno76 responds:

Are you talking about the sprites, or the art? Since the art was officaly drawn by: http://raianonzika.deviantart.com/ It was just colored in...
if you are talking about the spirtes, then of course, these are FC edited sprites :P

Oh my gosh.

How awesome this looks like it's going to be blows my mind. If your actually planning to do a series about this, I'll be patiently waiting with high hopes. :)

Xyno76 responds:

Thanks! ^_^
Yea I would have to say even episode one will take quite some time ^_^U

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Dec 17, 2011
9:44 PM EST