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MLP:FIM - Ultimate Arcade

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Collect items as a pony! You'll have tons of fun with the six mane ponies as playable characters in addition to one BONUS pony!! That's right! A BONUS PONY. Unlock a new pony every 5,000 points and be sure to switch ponies to get bonus points for collecting items that somepony likes!!

You have 5 minutes each game!!

More information is available in the game's "How to Play" menu.

EDIT: I do not as of now have more pony games. But since so many people are clamoring I'll start planning MLP:FIM Ultimate Arcade II. I'll take any suggestions on my profile page, so drop by if you wish and drop me a hint or feature you'd like in the new game (doesn't need to be drag 'n' drop, but I'd like to reuse the animations as well as adding new ones, so it will be a side scroller).

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it's ok not much of a challenge....It could be about 20% cooler but good job


This game is Good
It reminds me of LCD game where cream and cheese catching flowers

Firstly, just as a side note, calling it an arcade implies it's more than a single game, so after the game ended i was pretty disappointed.
Anyway, at best, this game is okay. Nothing new at all. slapping a pony skin to this "Done to death" kind of game isn't enough of a distraction to overcome the encumbering feeling of emptiness and futility that resonates through my soul as i ponder the inevitable death of our species and how inconsequential humanity actually is, as i mindless press the left and right buttons like a brain dead chimp or a republican. Dark Humor aside, this game actually blows. The switch ponies thing is kind of cool, but is ultimately unimportant, and doesn't actually add anything significant to the gameplay. This game is one of the BILLIONS of "catch them before they hit the ground" games and you really put nothing meaningful to differentiate this from them.
Aside, from that you do GREAT with the title screen and the overall theme of "MLP" with pony models and the background, and the animation is fluid as well.
tl;dr, It's okay but nowhere near close enough to redeem it from the fact that this game is boring as FUCK.

Its a great game but why is there nothing past Derpy?