Oiche Mhaith

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Oíche Mhaith (pronouced "Ee-ha why") is a short game by Increpare and I.


okay, i don't have anything to say after playing this game than saying fuck my life


Sad and dark game.
Also, the choice of the color in the hall feels creepy.

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hmmmm... the protagonist seems to have fallen into state of acceptance for what constitutes normal behavior due tot he habitual reactions of the parental figures who dote far more upon their male child than their female child. this state of acceptance is visible in the treatment of "babby" as she reciprocates the actions done unto her by her parents onto what is assumably a doll.
ultimately such a household is sad, and yet i can only guess at the why of the father committing double homicide and suicide. as well as the err of only two shots being heard, unless of course it was a homicide double suicide, where the mother was wishing for the death too, and holding the dog for a "two birds, one stone" scenario.
and the only reason i can assume is that the reality is the parents were more realiant on a successful son than daughter, and as such became increasingly bitter when their son met an untimely death. having only a daughter left, whom both parents were increasingly aggressive towards until the final scene, as well as the dog, which throughout the game was "sad", coupled with the phrase of the son as "you've really grown since we last met" (paraphrase) says to me he has been dead for some years, meanwhile the daughter still has a doll, saying perhaps young teens, or around maybe 9-13. this time frame coincides with the acceptance at poor familial treatment, and death of the brother being (assumably) when the girl was around 4-5. allowing for the dog to still be alive easily after 5 years, for the girl to have minimal memories of a happier household due to having parents happier for having a son to place the burden of the family success on, and therefor creating a happier atmosphere for the young girl to grow up in.
in conclusion. the family was whole and happy during her first memories, allowing her to have memories of a brother. the family was happy, she knew they were her parents, she felt she could be happy with staying with them. brother dies, parents become bitter at having a daughter who they may feel cannot succeed where her brother failed, and take his death out on her, her burgeoning memories of joy are replaced with five plus years of misery as her parents take their misplaced anger out on her, until such a time as they feel they have caused their remaining child too much pain, and realize that she can do better than they as a caregiver and loving family member. meanwhile the dog is a side character whose standard emotion is sorrow for having lost her master, providing emotional and time based frame points for the setting of the story.
but this is all conjecture and is in no way factual of the story behind the game. only one persons visual representation of what is perceived from the game at hand.

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disturbing, dark, but just a thing i didn't understood, the girls isn't their daughter?

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4.27 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2011
7:46 PM EST
Adventure - RPG