Rock, Paper, Scissors!

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Used random number generator.


My review...

Length: 0/2: Nothing special, just a rock paper scissors game
Music: 0/2: There is none
Animation: 0/2: Its very bland. just a few shakes of a black and white hand
Graphics: 1/2: I can
Extras: 0/1: There is an extra. But its just a quick flash of the word bitch. So I cant give extra points
Overall Appeal: 0/1 (Cant give any points for this)

Its not good at all to be honest... but not downright terrible
The use of the random number generator is a good. If you add a bit of music make a few cool extras and make more variations I'd say it'd be damn good!

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It is just two hands doing the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" game and you control the hand on the left side. Look at "Pico and the Uberkids" and see how to make a good "Rock, Paper, Scissors" game.

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Slow and boring, but the name fits.

There's plenty of ways you could have made the premise of rock, paper, scissors into a fun game.

But you didn't. You just made Rock, Paper, Scissors, and made it slow and just very uninteresting. The extra is a one second screen of the word bitch; not very good of an extra either.

I'm just sayin, you could have at least added some music, or made the hand motions go a little faster.

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A couple of things

you're adding 1 to a string variable not a numerical one so instead of having 4 wins you have 01111 wins, the hands shaking (actually the whole game) seems slow and lacking sound makes it even blander.
You should work a little more on it

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1.48 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2011
7:25 PM EST
Puzzles - Other