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Every War in History Ever

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Comedy - Original

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Dec 16, 2011 | 3:56 PM EST

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Author Comments

From World War 2 to cavemen, this is how all of them started.

First of a series of many shorts.

EDIT: Oh crap, this version is imcomplete. And I deleted the original file. :C

Here's the YouTube version for complete lip sync: tch?v=tv9et_UM8Ko

EDIT 12/22/11: Whoa, front page! Thanks everybody! :D

EDIT 12/23/11: Before any of you decide to give it a bad review because "the message is incorrect" or "the animation sucks", the idea of war is one's own interpretation, and the animation isn't supposed to be spectacular. Then again, I'm getting into a war myself with these reviewers, because I have a different opinion. Just proving a point.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

its funny

cause alot of ppl got thier dicks in a knot about a joke, i think we have jewish-bags in this comment section (troll face)


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This would be atleast agreeable if...

America hadn't been attacked in it. I mean, really? Is this how cliche you're going to be? The very fact you put that strike on America here removes any possible idea that you're trying to say you're pushing. You're just spouting the usual dribble here, friend. You want some constructive criticism? Learn how to write. Learn how to make a good concept instead of taking the usual dribble of "Well everyone has an opinion, its all opinions here" and "America is war-mongering" especially when you're going to mix the two together and somehow claim its just your opinion and try to push it off as a joke, because you are also not funny. Get off political jokes until you can come up with an opinion on your own that doesn't make the same message a thousand others already made. I beg you to -not- start this "series of many shorts" and please, just make some nice little original flash and start there, like I am.

StaticBunny responds:

Looks like someone took the message literally.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This was a great idea, I was like "This is so true.". Then I read the reviews. Come on guys, this video doesn't deserve a 0, because it wasn't colored. This just shows that any video with a good idea can be on the front page. Good job.


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Bluhbluhbluh yer wrong

Seriously guys? You really came to watch this without a shred of a sense of humor about the topic of war?

On the topic of going to war with the Nazis, Hitler was of the opinion that killing jewish people was a good idea. We, and all of our allies at the time, were not okay with that. We had a difference of opinion.

Yes there are other reasons, but differing opinion ALWAYS lies at the heart of war.

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its funny cuz its true