Every War in History Ever

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From World War 2 to cavemen, this is how all of them started.

First of a series of many shorts.

EDIT: Oh crap, this version is imcomplete. And I deleted the original file. :C

Here's the YouTube version for complete lip sync: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=tv9et_UM8Ko

EDIT 12/22/11: Whoa, front page! Thanks everybody! :D

EDIT 12/23/11: Before any of you decide to give it a bad review because "the message is incorrect" or "the animation sucks", the idea of war is one's own interpretation, and the animation isn't supposed to be spectacular. Then again, I'm getting into a war myself with these reviewers, because I have a different opinion. Just proving a point.


Funny, just incorrect.

I did crack a smile for this cartoon short.

The problem with the message/theme is that it generalizes a very sensitive issue for events that affected millions of people in different ways. Also, linking the winner in the toon to America isn't very apt, considering we just pulled out of Iraq this month and Saddam Hussein is no more. The only territory we leave behind is an embassy and a tiny consulting force for their security training.

Unless you meant Afghanistan... which is a giant international peace keeping initiative now. We'll leave soon enough.

The majority of wars (and their death tolls) incited in the last 1000 years owe their beginnings to revolutions or desires for territory and resources on the part of a country's leader (Napoleon, Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito, Pol Pot, Stalin/Trotsky/Kruschev, Andrew Jackson and his poisonous Manifest Destiny here in America, King Henry, the warring territories of Italy, the Mongol Horde (Directly responsible for the Black Death) I could go on and on...

If anything though, Americans can be proud that we have given back land over the past 100 years to their rightful owners on many occasions: Panama, the Phillipines, Japan (and by extension liberated China), Germany, now Iraq, and soon Afghanistan. It's true America seemed to make war too quickly in the most recent cases but it is bucking history by defying the trend of tyrants to hold onto territory and strip resources dry of their peoples.

I'm done lecturing. Hope you read up on some of these examples though; very engaging stuff.

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Very true!

War is almost never the answer to anything and just because one group wins a war, it doesn't mean that their opinion is actually superior. Human beings are not ready to have opinions yet, we are still naive children. (Unlike children our idea of a perfect world isn't perfect at all)

Just my quick little input.

I agree with your opinion for the most part (so I won't unload into you at pointblank range with an automatic shotgun thingy).
However some wars are fought just for land and territory. Not *entirely* opinionated hatred, but seems like a different cause.


Just an unclever old rehash of something that everyone all ready knows with nothing new or interesting to make it worth while.

Also I dont think people are truely criticizing the animation, they're just explaining (perhaps a bit bluntly) why they gave it such a low score. What I mean is if I watch a flash and dont particularly like it, but I can tell the artist put alot of time and work in the animation I'll still give him a decent score. So what I think most people are trying to say is "I didnt find anything in this that deserved a descent score" not "the animation sucked so I gave it a bad score".


I'd say both the idea and the application are bad. In regard of the idea, it's fairly superficial and underdeveloped. Seldom do wars start because of different "opinions", so there is little reality to what you are saying with this. Additionally, it seems a bit nationalistic to use the US flag for a supposedly "general" scenario. In any case, these are just opinions, so feel free to agree or disagree. As for "proving your point" with me as a reviewer having a different opinion, you're wrong. I see no "war" in this, only disappointment for what could have been better.

As for the flash, the animation was very simplistic, again seeming fairly meaningless in what it was trying to say. The script and voice acting were bad, as there was no fitting choice of words or sense in what was said. Your music and effects weren't bad, but also not ecstatic either. Generally, the execution is too minimal to be considered effective in whatever it is trying to say.

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