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This is my first flash game made with Adobe Flash Professional. It's not great but what gives. At least i enjoyed it. So it's a simple RPG game where you control Katz. You need to find her stolen orange while defeating all kind of monsters in the way.

Move Left: Left Arrow
Move Right: Right Arrow
Jump: Up Arrow
Heal: Down Arrow
Attack: Space Bar
Progress Dialog: Space Bar

Enjoy if you can

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Dude where's my cat is she in fridge. Awesome work

This game is amazing! The only problem i'm having is the 3rd monster on the 2nd stage.

Good game for your first one. Is there no way to level up somehow or get an upgrade to become stronger? The wizard is on easy mode too hard for me and healing gives you only one life back while it needs to load so long.

for epic music and because its your first try

Is good.

It's really great and humorous. Recommended for anyone who likes silly RPGs.