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Braver Than Angels Demo

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This is a game based on our webcomic series Braver Than Angels, a story about a young man named Duke Mills - former army soldier that finds himself in a government conspiracy that trails all the way from the Antichrist to the final battle with Lucifer himself! It pits you against the four main villains of the major story arcs of Braver Than Angels.

To read up on the latest of the adventures of Duke and his pals go to http://finishingblow.devi antart.com, Gallery > Chapter and click the corresponding chapter.

The game has a lot of hiccups at the moment and our programmer does not speak very good English. This is a work in progress so please be thorough with your criticism and tell us what you like, dislike, want to see more of and things you absolutely can't stand about this game so we can make it better for you.

BTA aka Braver Than Angels (c) Bottomless Pit Studios http://www.bottomlesspits tudios.com and Duke Mills.

Amparan Studio and Amparan Studio logo (c) Amparan Studio http://amparanstudio.devi antart.com

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Some suggestions...

It's very hard to get Duke to turn around, especially when facing multiple winged demons. I like the background, but the laggy animation takes a lot away from the playability. The "ASDF" controls are fun, once I got the hang of them. I haven't read Braver Than Angels, but I'm wondering if there are any enemies besides the winged demons and that doctor (I can't remember his name, since I only reached him once). Often, I get hit from both sides, and keep getting knocked back down before I have a chance to stand back up. Perhaps a (brief) grace period, once Duke is standing again, just to give us a chance? So far you have a good start, keep going!

BottomlessPitStudios responds:

Thank you very much. We're currently revamping the entire fight system to alleviate these issues. Yes, there will be many other enemies in the future releases - basically this is a test run to see feedback and what we should change.

Perhaps an area attack where he gets back up and does a spinning kick to knock them away would get rid of this annoyance.