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Mass Mayhem 4

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In this 4th edition action series you get to create total havoc! With more weapons to use, bigger upgrades and badder costumes. There's 40 awesome objectives to complete, including underground passages, a busy freeway and even a nuclear plant! Go on crazy killing sprees and destroy everything on your path.

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Played this when I were 9, just have to admit that newgrounds was the greatest fucking childhood of all time and still is <3

What a great and satisfying game for unleashing your lust of experiencing total massacre ( if... you ever even get a feeling like that xxD) I remember how amazed I was by it some years ago, so many locations, people, weapons and cool stuff to interact with...
It's quite laggy in some places, like where I have to pierce someone with the spear and they simply don't respond, even though the tip is right in front of them. But oh well.

Although each installmen of ths game in the past has such minor changes, see thisone has had the most mjor gameplay changes.

I like the fact that instead of appearing in a random position like previous installments, your character is instead airdropped, right where you want him.

As well as the 'Special' ways to cause destruction that MadnessFan1601 has so graciously revealed to us.

Yet, it seems its time to add even more mass and, as always, more mayhem.

i have played every single one of the installments, save for the one featuring zombies. Setting that installment aside, if you make a number five, heres what i would recommend:

#1: Looking back at previous installments, every single one after the original added on additional weapons, if i counted correctly this installment has added four, which i think is the most any installment up to this one has added. But heres some weapons i would love to see appear in a upcoming installment:
- Airstrikes
- Mortars
- Flamethrower
- Railgun
- Vehicles

#2: Another option you could take is being able to buy certain variations of weapons, here are some examples:
- Incendiary missiles: Sets area of detonation ablaze
- Homing missiles: Click on a target and fire, the missile will take the best route to the target, if it is a person or moving object, it will follow until it hits or runs out of fuel.
- Fragmentation Missiles: On mouse click, the missile splits into several smaller bombs.

#3: With all those new ways to create havoc that have appeared in this installment, it makes the map, and what you can destroy, seem to feel alot less. The best way i can think of to couter this problem is larger maps, more victims, more things to destroy, maybe even take a portion out to sea. As well as add aircraft, ships, and trains to the list of possible victims, I was saddened by the fact you couldnt blow planes out of the sky in this installment.

#4: Continuing on number 3, more special ways to create havoc are always a nice idea to spice up a game like this. Here are some examples.
- Break into a research facility and 'Accidentally' create a black hole.
- Sabotage an Offshore Oil platform and ruin vacation plans.
- Infiltrate a secret military base and take an experimental mech out for a spin.
- Hijack cars and drive them into buildings.
- Cause a breif alien attack

#5: Another great idea would be to enable players to enter said buildings, and destroy the inside of them and kill anyone unfortunate enough to be inside, perhaps a special weapon enabling you to shove them out windows is in order?

#6: Continuing with aircraft in suggestion #4, lets have a look at them based off of the ones you used for this installment.
- Stealth Aircraft: Creates larger explosion due to having military payloads.
- Piston Engine Aircraft: Belly lands, shredding anyone in its path for a distance before exploding.
- Jumbo Jet: Crashes, shattering to peices and leaving a blazing trail of fire.

#7: Additional support items could also boost the overall appeal of the game, you have a jetpack, but what else could you add?
- Teleportation?
- Resupply?
- Some extra hands?

#8: Along with objectives, a level system could also add to the depth of the game, when a player levels their mayhem-crazed hero, they can unlock new costumes, new weapons, new support, and other epic rewards.

#9: Finally, if you want to add a competetive component to the series, a score system. have players try to cause as much havoc as they can to become the greatest mayhem-maker of them all!

Hope this helps, PopBrain! I look forward to the next installment!


@newfiekidphilip You copied the Comment from MadnesFan1601!

lol the bomb killed me ha rate 5

Credits & Info

4.44 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2011
4:06 PM EST

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