Moto Tomb Racer

December 15, 2011 –
April 25, 2012
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Reveal the secrets of ancient pyramids. Drive your motorbike through tomb labyrinths, collecting the treasures on your way.

Use arrow keys to drive and balance, SPACE for boost and LCtrl to turn the bike.


I really enjoyed it, I can't say it's THE BOMB! But is it quite good :)

but not such great gameplay, work on it, you have a great idea here, it just needs some work, make it more interesting :D no offense

The game isn't bad after all, but why Motor Race instead of Shooting game? Beside a lot of Motor Race game that not interesting enough. Next time make a game that have action.

PS: The Ragdoll effect was good but need to be better

if you like this try happy wheels, that is unless you just want to see some hot chick on bike, then I suggest you try goggle images.

A normel ok motor bike game.

love these motor bike games used to play it at school on miniclips all the time

p.s. anyone else have a great sex position when they crash coz i do :p bow chica bow wow

funny and looks like QWOP game but... in motorcycle...quite interesting :D

come on man!!lara croft on a motorbike getting (with the motorbike) inside ancient pyramids looking for treasure?!who in the world does that?!i gave u the 3 just for not breaking your heart!!come on now,how in gods name this is one of the games of the week?!its simply dumb as an idea....the names "tomb raider" and "moto racer" just dont go together....and of top of it all it is super boring as well....so many time lost by your behalf for nothing....a shame.....

Good But Better Graphics Will Help

Big fan of any motorcycle

but locks polish which is what makes these simple games good

More level variety, customize bike, tighter controls, storyline

good game, new spin to an old idea

but lara touch anything die or he stay is in ko

needs work, the concept is too original hundreds of games out there same concept.

hey i liked it. You did good

Poor controls, cool concept, needs some work overall.

and it's boring '-'

KInda laggie sorry bro but i give up on this game..... `>.<

I like the game and its physics but the game freezes up sometime. overall good game


There's a bug in one of the levels concerning the road that falls down...icant get up it even though i backed up the maximum amount.

I had some fun making the woman tumble lol

The gameplay is nothing new, which isn't a problem for me, because I love side-scrolling bike games. The problem here is that, these types of games have been around for a long time now, meaning that any new games that come along should be TOP NOTCH. This just felt laggy, glitchy, and not very well refined to play. Soundtrack is forgettable, as are the graphics. Sorry, but this game simply does not excel at anything, but by no means is it bad. It's just 'a' game, it will be played, and most likely forgotten.

I don't understand the hate, I thought it was cool!

^ That is all...

plz get rid of the auto-pause features during the info on game play.... i can read i don't need help on doing so... also it was way to laggy 4 me om game play...

Someone tried to be creative and put Lara Croft on an motorcycle in a Prince Of Persia enviroment. Fancy artwork, disturbing music, boring gameplay, what else to say?

got bored on first lev

sory to ask but how do you gain experince im kinda new and i have no idea how to get exp?srry <:3

The physics on this one is better than most, and the turbo boost helps with those parts when you're stuck or trying to get up a hill. I consider this a big improvement in the moto-cross style of games. Her body movements were also fluid, and believable in getting the bike to change angle.

this bad but can be worst

WTF do u do to pass level 7?!

but i probably would have been better if you added gun and made it a racing game against another tomb raider. but other than that it is ok i guess
ps i am usually mean about my reviews but this game is not that bad.

but your game is quite well s*** ok good pic bad game

The physics system was pretty unique, and the game interesting. I thought it was great that you could die from crashing into a wall, and the actions by leaning back and forward (even the little ponytail) were very dynamic and cool. Hitting your head on those swinging overhang; very nice use, and the ragdoll was pretty realistic all of the time. The switch mechanic was a little unprecise at times though teleporting you sometimes.
Graphically, the game looks amazing; very detail rocks and scenery, combined with the interactive objects. I was though, disappointed by the generic character. It simply seemed like the usual 'metallic' motorbike&character with lots of gradients, which really stood out from the blend of scenery. Plus, I saw no additional animation the entire time except for the physics, even during death, which killed the realistic-ness of our 'tomb raider'.
The loading was slightly annoying, but even I was not prepared for the mental complexity of the levels. I spent about 1.5-2 hrs in this game; and I was not disappointed; numerous physics puzzles, differing paths, and lots of extra stuff I couldn't be bothered to get just yet. The level design puts the game on a whole new level.
Surprising lack of story, even the lame parody of 'tomb raider on wheels' that I expected was not seen. Play it for the game, cause there's no story in here.
In conclusion, this game is on a whole new level from typical moto games. However, unless you're impressed by the physics and puzzles, there's not much else to it. The art and game is good, but I wish the character was also animated because it really takes you out of the game. The game is worth playing; but its not overly fantastic; not yet.
Btw, I'm speaking like this cause I watched alot of TB.

this way to hard.



I like it and its a puzzle games aswell, but it should have upgrade features

im sorry but it is a bit generic

I love it

It's like old Elastomania or Trials. I like this kind of games, it's challenging and very addictive

Moto Cross games became worse overtime, but heres a welcome change!


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3.57 / 5.00