Santa Rockstar 4

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UPDATE: Try Santa Rockstar 3D!! available for PC/Mac at www.santarockstar.com

UPDATE: View the video telling how santa became a Rockstar here: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/585834 !

Use ASD and KL in Basic mode to play the notes. In Rockstar mode use 1-5 to hit the notes and press ENTER to strum the strings.
When the Frost Meter is full, hit the SPACE key to double the score multiplier.

If you don't like the controls you can change the keys in the main menu.


Locked content is annoying, and timing/input off

Just a couple notes. It's usually annoying to play a game on Newgrounds that says "go to X other site to play half of the actual content!" Most of the time, if I've already loaded the game and put in my name and picked settings, I won't really feel like going to a new site and doing all that over again.

I've been playing music games for years - all the classic ones (DDR/IIDX/GF/DM/PopN/ITG), the new ones (GH/RB). I feel I can safely observe that the input is noticeably "off" and I will get random combo breaks when I'm holding down and hitting notes. It's annoying really. I'll be holding down the notes, strum perfectly on beat and when the notes hit the bar, and get a miss on one of them. And I'll look down at the keyboard and see my fingers on the two notes I missed and no fingers on others. No reason for this, and I haven't bothered sorting out if the timing windows are too tight (which shouldn't be the case), or if there is just some input issue. Alternatively it could be my keyboard, but given that I don't have issues with other NG games I find this unlikely.

On an upside the music is cool and the theme is nice.

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this is just the bes game i`ve ever played!!
i`m an avid Guitar Heo player so i really fell in love with this one
GENIUS,my frend,you deserve an oscar

5/5 every day!!

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nice try but

not really good , the theme is fun and all but it lacks in the gameplay

its good but...

the controlls are vary annoying everything else ok


This game was awesome! My ONLY complaint is that there was WAY too much going on in the background. With the notes coming down at you, and things moving across the screen at the top, I felt nauseous after running through all the levels once.

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3.85 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2011
12:08 AM EST