A DeathandGary Christmas!

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seasons greetings everyone! I pulled out all the stops with this one (in my opinion)! The animation's better and smoother, the audio's balanced, THERE'S A FIGHT SCENE BETWEEN HOLIDAY FIGURES, and so on. So let me know how I did with this one, I can't get better without your help! Merry Christmas!
Fun little fact, this movie also DOUBLES as my Web Page Design project.....if I don't get an A+ on this I will explode into kittens......

frame count: 2767
length: about 4 minutes
file size: 1,072KB

(all audio files came from youtube, we promise. If any of the audio sounds familiar to something you have made or heard on this site, please email or message us and we'll show you where we got the music from).

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It was alright

Found it strange that the Easter bunny was a rag doll, Santa wasn't fat and that a kid was sleeping on the floor; but weirdness aside the animation was fluid and I like a some of the scenes, especially the one where the Easter Bunny and Santa were duking it out. All in all it was an alright animation, you've got potential for bigger and better projects in the future i believe, keep it up.

DeathandGary responds:

the main reason for the three points you first brought up are because I wanted to make this different from other typical Christmas videos. I made the easter bunny a ragdoll because (like other holiday figures) he/she/it deals with mainly children, so I figured some form of innocent and happy appearance would work. I didn't make Santa fat because I was kinda afraid of all the extra work I'd have to endure XP and I had a child sleeping on the floor because I decided to incorporate that one scene in every christmas whatever where a child is sleeping on a couch/by the tree/by the fire/in the fire and wake up and see Santa with the presents. But the fact that I had to explain all that is proof that I obviously did something wrong in terms of the movie. Thanks for your review, I'll try and make my next movie better with this in mind! :)


This is cute and funny, and not too bad at all. Because you're asking, I'll give you my critique.

The biggest problem I see is with the audio, for a couple different reasons. First of all, the voice recordings are a bit rough and I can hear background white noise, which is a bit distracting. But that's more of a minor gripe. More importantly, you miss your audio cues quite a bit. What I mean is, there's too much of a gap between when the characters speak, which makes it feel unnatural. It also lacks sound effects, so for example the bunny is hitting Santa, there's no sound of him connecting, which from an audio point of view makes it seem like he's swinging in thin air. The voice acting was decent however, so don't worry too much about it.

As for the art, the biggest problem I see is with your layouts (backgrounds). They lack any understand of perspective, which isn't too terrible if you're making animations for fun, but if you want to improve, it will be one of the things you'll need to learn. There's lots of different free guides online that teach 1-point, 2-point and 3-point perspective, and just a basic knowledge would help a lot and wouldn't take you too long to learn.

Anyway, hope that helps you for your next video, hope you keep making them. But this wasn't a bad effort at all, so keep it up and you can only get better. ^^

DeathandGary responds:

thanks for your input, this is actually pretty helpful!

yes I know the audio needs work, and I can't really do anything to get rid of the white noise, if you know a good program for that I'm all ears. As for the delays that actually was my entire fault because movie testing had a bit of a lag to it so I edited the audio to cooperate with the lag, thinking it wasn't lagging at the time. I might fix that later. As for the imagery, I will agree it's a bit of a standout and DOES ruin the immersion factor in hindsight. Well I'll take your points to heart when I make my next movie, thanks! ^^;


How the crap did you compress this so well?

DeathandGary responds:

I honestly didn't compress this at all .__." but I'm glad you liked it!

Funny but hard to watch

The flash was hard to watch at times due to pauses in dialogue and choppy animation. Sometimes it was hard to hear as well. Overlooking the flaws this was humorous (in terms of dialogue) and santa vs easter bunny was cool...those easter egg grenades are priceless!!

DeathandGary responds:

hey thanks! Glad you liked it overall, I will agree with you on terms of sound, it took forever to try and balance out.! But thanks for your input and I'll try and impress you again!

Credits & Info

3.38 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2011
6:47 PM EST
Comedy - Original