Asylum V

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Get ready to explore another massive asylum in this all new point and click adventure! Collect orbs, purchase useful items and solve the puzzles that fill this creepy asylum. Complete tasks to escape the asylum! Good luck and have fun!

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my biggest complaint with these games is using an item and being done with it and it staying in your inventory.

inventory clutter and unnecessary stress are the results of that design decision.

Good game. But it's a game I've seen hundreds of times.
Find red/blue/green/purple/etc keys for the doors of matching color, collect orbs, go left, go right, up, down, etc... Same ol same ol.

I feel like you are beyond this. You are better than this everyday type game.
I guess I just expected more from you.

selfdefiant responds:

This game is from 2011 and yes I have made more games like this. I make games that people want to play and this is it. :) I have been making games long enough to know what people like and don't like.

It's funny how some of the images and scenes on this game (such as locations A and C) have possibly been re-used again in later games, though with slight adjustments and purposes for them.

The environment is less scary than I thought. What I found creepy were a dirty plastic doll and a bath tub filled with blood.

Tools, keys, and gems are easy to spot. Puzzles are well linked to their clues. Therefore, I had no problem finding 10 beautiful stones.

Having discovered some symbols on brown bottles, I knew I had missed a puzzle box, but I couldn't find it even after searching all the rooms again. Thanks to the walk through, the puzzle box was located at location Q. And I pried a loose wooden board at location R and received the last blue stone.

So what do I think of this game? Well....It longs...it odd...It not the worst I have ever play, and it doesn't Just go Boo Scary JPEG like some other games which involve keys, and stuff which keys unlock, and a gun at one point. It not really scarey at all, I almost even going to admit that it was calm, and very nice feeling, but not scarey. Arise was scarier with john MC Cane, and all that then this was. Those are where the points you lost went, Soooooooooo. yeah Hi Slowbeef, and Diabetes, hope you had... some fun or something with this. (o.o)/

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3.93 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2011
12:22 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click