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Random animated montage

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random animated surplus clips of things that were never finished/put together..

and....the fantastic plastic machine


Stalking through your previous older videos and wow lol.


you do have nice drawing skills especially your backgrounds that is a strong plus for you

your animation skills are good but not exellent. although ir is correcly done compared to your drawing it make fell fell like a waste. Such awsome graphic at some point would deserve a top noch animator whit some great talent.
you still have some good stuff animated like the guy who wash is dishes looks quite real and when one of your walk side to side in front of the camera it is fluid and the movement of the hair if you where to use more fps to do it it may be awsome.
point to improve caracter who walk toward or away from the camera it do not look natural also heads movement would win to be more progressive, as for the general movement from the limbs you could also use more frame to detail them you did bother to have the hairs to move in the wind so why not take time to do the rest of the body just as nice

the background music need to be louder even whit my speaker at maximum power i could merely hear an annoying buzz figured it was music by paying lots of attention you should check into this

All you need you need to make something worth all time top 50 for a while is a little effort a scenario and some voice actor which you should be able to get seeing your others video

keep up the good work


now go fucking download flash or get someone to put a preloader in there

your stuff is good but i cant belive they way you go around making it




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3.39 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2011
6:57 AM EST