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TOME Short: Hackers

rated 3.91 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Original

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Dec 13, 2011 | 5:11 PM EST

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Author Comments

Animated by Chris Niosi
Music by Weston Durant
Background Artwork by Dave Smith and Terrence Lepinski
Voices by Deven Mack, Eddie Bosco and Edwyn Tiong

A quick short about TOME's first two bad guys: Rockoon and Doubling! This takes place before Episode 01 of TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise, when the hacker duo first begin wreaking havoc on ;Lavendera to seek out a strange item for their employer. Special thanks to Mack and Bosco for "inspiring" this little number during our visit to Burbank last month. ;]



Rated 5 / 5 stars

O.K Seriously you guys! >.<

As my dad usually says, it's all in the presentation on how a joke is good or bad, not necessarily the joke itself! I feel that Kirb, D-Mack and Omahdon (as well as any others) presented the jokes here really well! Jeez Louise you guys need to lighten up!

Kirb this is the best short ever done by you and your team! I was snickering the whole time this went on! (My favourite spot was Rockoon mocking Doubling's line of video games are for babies.) This gets me stoked for episode 2!

Good luck to you guys!

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


racoon characters in general
why are they so awesome?


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

About the accents

Personally I liked it, I saw what you were going for and liked it. See a little bit of how the hackers think and how the abuse of power can make you feel good/crazy and lead you to become an even bigger dick. As for people talking about the Rockoon's accent I'm pretty sure it's constantly changing on purpose, he's just messing around and having fun. I'm sure many of us dork around with friends on the internet, hell I love trying to impersonate the accents of the TF2 characters while I'm playing and I usually voice chat while playing with friends so we'll shoot the breeze and talk about movies and try to do some of the character voices. I believe this wasn't really meant to be some sort of "deep" project just an interesting little insight into these two characters and that fleshes out their motives and perhaps the motives of some future characters and gives us something to chew on until the next full TOME installment comes out. So thanks Kirbopher and remember people you must tailor your constructive criticism to what a project SETS OUT TO BE, don't review a short exactly like a full episode, it would be like comparing an appetizer to an entree.

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Rated 1 / 5 stars

I just don't see why...

In honor of the forced sports comments, I've decided to go play-by-play and cover this flash from start to finish.

It opens with some spritey text that finds the long way to say "hackers are bad people" and then we're greeted by two of the most irritating characters in the series. Rockoon starts with an unnecessary comment about smelling things which he spices up with an unnecessary accent. Green guy (whose name I don't know and don't care to find out so we'll call him Bob) manages a comment that's almost relevant to the discussion at hand, but then Rockoon saves the conversation from being coherent by replying that he loves Bob, but not as much as money. This was either an attempt at sarcasm (in which case the "not as much as money" statement becomes confusing since it's used in a sarcastic sentence) or "impressive stupidity" joins Rockoons list of irritating features and he's choosing an odd time to confess his love (which, sadly, makes more sense, given his reaction to Bob saying he hates him later). Bob then replies "Just as long as this job doesn't cut into my sports".

Again, we've dipped into a reply that has nothing to do with the previous sentence. It sounds like he's conceding to someone. "This better not cut into my sports" would have been a better line since it's a stand alone sentence, however, does anyone really care about his sports? Why play this game if it's such a burden? Is someone holding a gun to his head? I can (and guess what, DO) turn off games that I don't like at any time that I don't want to play them. A character playing the game just so he can complain about how much he doesn't want to be playing the game makes you want to slap Bob just as much as you do Rockoon. Bob continues to complain, so Rockoon shuts him up by again answering a question that wasn't asked and talking about hacking. This calls for another irritating voice!

Bob becomes fed up with the game and explains that he doesn't care and he's done after this job (which he's either doing for a bunch of in-game currency on a game he never plans to play again, or someone very interested in an object in this game has decided to hack an account for and pay a sports-loving man who hates video games to play a video game while having no idea what he's searching for, rather than hacking an account for themselves and using their knowledge of the object in question to find it faster). Maybe Bob himself is a hacker, who accepted a job and now wants to complain because he himself agreed to do something. He never comments that his family is being held hostage, and since Bob loves to give out forced information without anyone asking or leading the conversation in that direction I'll assume that there IS no reason for Bob to HAVE to do this job. And that of course brings us right back to the "why play when you just want to complain about playing?" question. Bob is a little frustrated when he explains that he's done after this job, but from the piss-his-pants expression that Bob's words give Rockoon, you'd think that Bob had sprouted horns and begun spewing fountains of lava from his eyeballs.

Rockoon seems surprisingly offended when Bob admits to not liking him. Since Bob is bored of blowing stuff up in this stupid game, Rockoon suggests changing pace by blowing stuff up in this stupid game. Bob suddenly 180s and realizes that he likes the game after all and he's ready to do the job. The same job that less than two minutes ago he spent two minutes complaining about.

So the humor pretty much falls flat. Seems like most reviewers are aware of that. The art is recycled and in some places really out of place. Someone said that at least the plot is gripping, but what plot do we get out of this? Honestly, what do we learn from this flash? Rockoon is annoying, Bob is grumpy. Stuff we knew. Neither of the characters say anything that gives them depth or makes a viewer look at the plot from a different angle. Truthfully, there was really no reason to make this flash.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

What the hell people?

First of all have you ever considered that maybe the jokes they added weren't met just for the comedy? When your on the computer playing games sometimes you say alot of silly things which is actually sort of accurate. Not funny but not really bad either.

How many of you can animate? How many of you can voice act? How many of you can compose music? Just because you don't like it doesn't mean the effort and work put into it should be met with such harsh reviews! We're not here to bash the hell out of an artist whose showing us his or hers stuff what we need is actually useful comments which help and encourage the people animating!

Personally I love Rockoon even if his voice changes alot. He reminds me of the hyenas from lion king sort of joking but dangerous. Doubling reminds me of a real downer. Can't count how many of those I meet online~ Good job with the animation.