TOME Short: Hackers

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Animated by Chris Niosi
Music by Weston Durant
Background Artwork by Dave Smith and Terrence Lepinski
Voices by Deven Mack, Eddie Bosco and Edwyn Tiong

A quick short about TOME's first two bad guys: Rockoon and Doubling! This takes place before Episode 01 of TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise, when the hacker duo first begin wreaking havoc on ;Lavendera to seek out a strange item for their employer. Special thanks to Mack and Bosco for "inspiring" this little number during our visit to Burbank last month. ;]


good vid

good addition to the storyline in tome a 9 since i felt it was sorta missing something and im sure nicky down there is gonna get alot of comments back to him anyway so i wont say anything but i will say this out of the hundreds of 10s hes getting do you really think kirbophers gonna give a shit about some pissant on his period trolling 1 of his vids? thats all 5/5

Awesome Flash

The voices,characters,and art are excellent.Now about NickyPickle who should care about his comment (nobody should care at all).Does he even know that this was on the front page?Even if he did he sadly must not have seen Kirbopher's last flash about T.O.M.E, if he had then he will never see this true talent that Kirbopher has.

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remake of tta?

just a question, are u trying to remake tta? if so, then ur doing a pretty good job, but here are just a few things I should pont out, most of it is similar, but still, alot of it is nothing to do with the origional storyline, either, like how nylocke is supposed to appear in the episode that demonking first appears, but instead of that, you made him be alpha's friend since the beginning of the series. and gamecrased is supposed to be in charge of fighting the hackers, not nylocke. and that's my critical view.

Hi! I'm Nickypickle!

And judging by your face, I can clearly guarantee you're saying in your head right now, "Oh great. Another troll who gave me zero stars. Better think of something witty to reply to this random jerk and not even read this entire review at all!".

Let me explain, first of all.

To not let you criticize me, or any other jackass to try to say "@Nickypickle" or anything else like that (e.g., the idiot under me), I am a writer, and a reviewer. My sole purpose on Newgrounds is to view entertainment online, look closely, and describe in my head, 'What's going on?', ever since my first visit in 2008. I don't post flashes, art, or music to this site. I don't contribute, other than to help the authors in a constructive way. Please don't say anything that would describe how much I couldn't have done that you could.


I heard this "TOME" thing was popular, since Chris O' Neil AND Egoraptor both would review for these series. I decided to watch these two episodes, and wow.

The first millisecond of the finished flash made my brain throw up all my creative ideas, considering the fact, that in 2011, with all the productions of comedy, programs like "Sai", writers that are famous, and experienced, talented people like this can make things like this so bad, that my brain would throw up my creative ideas.

The movement was bad, the voices were lower than average, and the story?

It came to me that you, "Kirbopher", or "Chris Niosi", or whatever you want me to call you, that you are a very horrible writer. You cannot script, you cannot act, you cannot plot, and you can't do anything like this get over a 4 in an average rating.

Bullshit like this remind me that you can't do anything, and you can't make anything. This flash is a prime example why.

Now for the more technicals.

What is the story? What is it? A random raccoon, and a random talking, gelatinous substance come out of nowhere, and kill two people in a random habitat, where there's no climax at all, no ending, and no beginning? This makes absolutely no sense at all, and if you ever want to become successful, then I suggest actually coming into consideration that Chris and Ego and all the other raters that give you below a 5 are absolutely right in any way possible.

I wasn't here at the beginning of Newgrounds, so I don't go to conventions and whatever. But I looked at some of the reviews, and both Chris and Ego (and even PsychicPebble) say that you're not listening to them... if this was a very big project and if they say that you need to improve, you need to improve.

The art was disgusting. The idiot under me doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about. I'm also an artist, and I can tell that these characters don't deserve to be looked at by a half a tenth of a million viewers.

The colors were fractal. You didn't use radial values, which made it even more shitty. This explains why there isn't talent in you, or any of the other staff that contributed to this poor excuse of a popular work.

The voices were again, under average, but how they did it? It was the most unrealistic experience of my life.

Any dumb fuck stupid enough to rate this over a 5 have no interest in quality, just continuation.

Don't you dare say that this wasn't my cup of tea, (You KNOW what I'm talking about.) because it already annoys me that this isn't anyone's fucking cup of tea.

This isn't called potential, this is called stupidity. I can't believe this exists, because it should have been blammed from the start. This was absolutely a disgrace to newgrounds, and I hope you never continue these series ever again.

To @Blessing's speech

Just enjoy the art and shut up. In my opinion, he tried to give us the feeling of a video game inside a flash movie (hence recycled graphics and characters not moving much). The main thing was the dialog which you made perfectly : 2 characteres in the same position at the background and 2 of their avatars with changing expressions. (Like in chaos rings for the iphone)
He has done it in an excellent way. Keep up the good work

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3.91 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2011
5:11 PM EST
Comedy - Original