Gravity Bob

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Puzzle platformer where you switch gravity. Try to guide Bob through 20 levels of dangers and get him home safely.

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Nice game

A bit of a concept that I've seen done before and a little more basic, if I must say so - the gravity only reverses two directions, as opposed to 4 ways in certain gravity flip games that I've seen before, which, while making the gameplay and the programming harder, they also offer a lot more of a challenge.

I like that you've offered us a plot for this piece, though between levels, it seems absent, which was a shame - the start of the game built so much around there being black holes and this being a quest to get through as many of them as possible, to find the way to the end, so putting a little more in there, perhaps every other level, or even every five levels or so would have given you something much more to pass the time with and flesh the game out.

Nothing makes it stand alone, which is a shame, but the game is there and it is a reasonably accomplished work, of which I'd like to see more from you.

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ProfessorFlash responds:

Well from a coding point of view the gravity that would go 4 ways isn't any harder to do, but I felt the controls would get too complicated that way. With two side gravity I can use one button to change, with 4 ways, the changing gets little more complicated from the players perspective. So I didn't wanna tackle that problem with this game.

Thanks for the review, and you will see more from me next year :).

Not bad.

I think the best things about this game are the excellent grahics and the cut protagonist. not the cutesy I've seen, but he's still pretty cute.

As others have said, the gameplay isn't the most original idea, but I personally think you pulled it of relatively well. The mechanics are really common in this type of game, but the level designs you have are the things that help the gameplay out the most.

I like your choice of music, but the loop gets a little repetative after a while. Maybe you could've benefitted by changing the song every 10 levels or so?

Overall, Good graphics, decent gameplay and song, fun game for the most part. Good job!

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ProfessorFlash responds:

I understand that one track can get repetitive, but I have to also keep in mind the filesize and going over 4mb already I didn't want to add more file size. At least there's the mute button :). Thanks for your review.


I found the game good but it wasn't the most original idea, I say. There are plenty of gravity based games like these out there, and what does this have that makes it stand out from the others?

The art: The main menu artwork was good, I'll give you that. However, the ingame art was....disappointing. I see a little ball with eyes and I wonder "Is that supposed to be an alien?" I don't know if "Bob" is an alien or not, but whatever it is, it's not drawn very well. The walls are just regular shapes with a background. Not good. The black holes and the explosion, however, were good.

The animation: Smooth. The explosion animation, however, was a bit choppy. I can't really say much else because there's not much left apart from the explosion and the black hole animation.

The music: Not bad, it's actually good, but it's a bit repetitive and after a time it gets irritating. The sound effects are drowned out by the loud music, but they're not bad, if you can hear them.

The concept: As I said before, the game's concept is not original. There are plenty of other gravity games out there, and this is no different. To answer the question I asked before: this game has nothing extraordinary, nothing surprising, just your average gravity game.

The gameplay: It's rather simple, just using the arrow keys and the space key to switch gravities. Sounds simple, but as always it gets tougher. Some levels took me a long time to finish and made me frustrated when I almost finished but had to restart. I don't know much, but the fact you could swap gravities while in midair meant you could do a lot more than you could with other gravity games where they switched on contact. I'm still wondering whether this makes it easier for the user or not. Maybe a limited amount of switches you can make in a level...?

All in all, not bad, despite the fact it's no different from any other gravity based game. And yes I have been harsh :)

~~ Summary ~~

~~ Good points ~~
1) Smooth animation
2) Simple gameplay

~~ Bad points ~~
1) Repetitive music
2) Relatively unoriginal
3) Rather basic art

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ProfessorFlash responds:

I can appreciate constructive criticism so thanks for your review. I'll keep your points in mind if I do a sequel.

Good game

Well, there are quite a few gravity related games out there, but I don't think none of those games has such a cute main character, lol

I really liked the music in the menu. Sounds awfully familiar, maybe I heard this track in the audio portal or in a different submission, or maybe the menu music was inspired by some other gameing related track which I just happen to know.

The in game music wasn't that appealing to me, but luckily you added a mute button. I always appreciate if a flash author adds a mute button, because even the best in game music can get annoying after a while. So it's always nice to have the option to turn it off.

The gameplay itself is pretty good. The controls are very simple and they work very well. It takes some time to get used to the gravity related acceleration, but after a while I was able to manouver Bob through most of the levels. I haven't beaten the game, but I think with some practice even a "no continues" playthrough would be possible.

Overall, while the game idea isn't that original it is at least executed very well. Good controls, nice graphics and a very nice main character.

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ProfessorFlash responds:

I like Bob as well. I originally wanted him to be a furball, but when the artist gave him fur he looked like a hobo who needed to take a bath :D. So fur had to go, but he still looks cute :).

Thanks for the nice review.

A bit different

Not the most original idea but unlike most other gravity games this one allowed you to change the direction of gravity in mid-air which is real helpful but sometimes your speed doesn't slow up or change either. The game is still pretty interesting though.

The graphics here were pretty good, the only bad thing is the Bob creature, I think he could have taken on a different look altogether but not really too bad for an art attempt. You could try doing a collaboration with some other authors on here though. The creature peering out of the walls from time to time was pretty cool, not sure what it was though. Is it after Bob or what?

The game play itself seems to be really nice as well. The gravity kind of annoyed me at times since I would try to keep good speed and make it to where he was almost not moving at all in air so he wouldn't hit spikes but later in I kind of found it a bit harder to do since I still hit spikes anyways when trying to enter the portals at a slow enough speed.

Began to encounter those problems at level twelve as well. From there I could see the game was getting a bit more challenging with each level I got to. Level thirteen made me feel pretty annoyed so I took a break for a bit and then came back to it and eventually beat the game which took awhile.

The audio used here was actually pretty good. The music at the menu felt a bit soft but still audible and then the music playing during the levels seemed to make you feel pumped and ready to keep on playing which is good to keep players interested in seeing how much tougher it gets before reaching the end.

While the game doesn't exactly fall under the most original or best game category, it does have something most other gravity games don't and that's allowing you to change direction mid air adding to the fun and challenge of the game.

I think you did well for a good gravity game and adding the ability to switch in mid air was a great idea. Although I didn't like how you kept going in the one direction for a moment when switching the gravity. Then again I think it helps if you try to hit the space bar a bit until you're slowed down enough to have enough control of where you are going in the air in later parts of the game.

Overall, not too bad, different from most other gravity games I've played. Good job on this game.

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ProfessorFlash responds:

Thanks for the review. Good to hear that people can beat the game.

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3.36 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2011
1:15 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle