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Parthenon Breakout

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EDIT: Wow, thanks for the daily second! I wasn't expecting much from this submission, considering I made it in only two and a half hours or so. I'd like to thank my friends for voting for me, without them I wouldn't have received the award. Thanks again!


I made this clone of the classic Atari Breakout game in TGF2. I hope it's enjoyable. Please be patient while waiting for it to load, as the filesize is large.

I don't even know where I was going with this. I started out earlier today finally going through the tutorial of TGF2 after I saw TomFulp posted a notice about a winter contest for it. This isn't my winter contest entry, but moreso myself just learning how to use the program and doing basic tasks. I'm not sure how I got the whole Parthenon idea either, but whatever.

I'd like to thank Ockeroid and pyroguy-37 for making their music available for my use by having it in the audio portal, I was stumped for a while on which tracks to choose.

The main menu image is a picture taken of the Parthenon in Greece, the gameplay background is a sketch of the Parthenon from mlahanas.de, and the high scores background is a picture of the Parthenon replica in Tennessee. The pillars used in the gameplay as borders are from shutterstock.com. I do not claim to own any of these images and give credit to their respective owners. All other graphics and images were drawn by me. The "DUN DUN DUN" sound upon viewing the high scores menu is titled Shock and Horror by Dick Walter from Ren And Stimpy Production Music Vol. 2. Thank you.


This is daily 2nd?

So many entries that beat out a poorly done 1 level version of breakout with glitchy GFX and 1 life. The only star I gave was because of the fact that this at least took SOME effort, albeit not much.

IzzyDude responds:

How many flash submissions have you made? Try it yourself before offering criticism.

What in the name of god?

I want you to understand as precise as much why i gave you 0/10 0/5
My usual scheme for rating games is the following: 5: Awesome game 4: Good game with quite some effort 3: Regular excecution of a known game type or a good game with oone bigger flaw 2: A sup par execution of a known or overdone gametype 1: A very failed attempt 0: You are just fucking around with me.
While I know that you meant this game serious and know that it was made with Games Factory which you dind´t make a secret i just can barely imagine that you put any effort in this. The game is exactly what you were thaught to do in the Games Factory manual without any bigger changes than a new graphic and a "Dun dun duuuun" sound. Hell you didn´t even bother to make several levels.
This would be somewhat ok if this was your first but it is actually your 10th project. I know that I am currently not any better but if I think that you came to the daily second place with THIS, i think i might try again. Having "programmed" a game with Games Factory, too (A much worse in fact) I know how much of a pain in the ass it can be but still it´s just not daily top 5 level.

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IzzyDude responds:

You're right in that I didn't spend much time on it, but cut me some slack. If you look at all of my other submissions you'll quickly realize that they're all spam, and this is my first serious one.

Fun! :)

This game was fun for me, I enjoyed it's ping-pong like theme, maybe add a story about the Parthenon, but I applaud the graphics that you drew, however I couldn't get very high in scores because of the following complications:

+ The ball sometimes vanished through the black bits, camouflaging as it is a dark gray.

+ When a new level began, the ball started through my board, making me lose instantly, sometimes this happens.

But overall, I am glad you made a good game and put a good amount of effort in to it, therefore I am giving you a 7/10 and a 4/5! :)

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IzzyDude responds:

Yeah, the ball color was a really bad choice on my part. Oops.

Thanks (:

Nice time killer...

But as far as there... You know i'm from Greece and this is not accurate at all . If you go to the Parthenon there are no bouncy balls over your head or platforms that they hit on . xD Just kidding man it was a nice time killer but... It lacks in a few areas . I don't get the concept though, why Parthenon as a background ? why this game? why, why, why. Anyway good game. (Also that "Parthenon" in the high scores, It's not the real one in Greece . It must be some replica in some university or something in America.) :D

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IzzyDude responds:

I have no idea why I made the Parthenon as the background, it was entirely on a whim. And as for the Parthenon in the high scores, it's a replica located in Tennessee :P

Simple and fun

Good time waster for a few minutes. Bad choice on the color of the ball though, sometimes it was hard to see it with so much black and white all around

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IzzyDude responds:

Sorry about that. I was trying to stay with the color scheme, but I guess the gray color of it still didn't stand out enough. Oops.

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3.64 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2011
7:07 AM EST
Puzzles - Falling
  • Daily 2nd Place December 14, 2011