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Snaketronic is a 3D flash game where you control a snake shaped vehicle, whose aim is to collect all the energy balls.

You can control the snake using the arrow keys
- left/right to make it turn left/right,
- up/down to speed up/down.
If you move over the red tiles the snake will speed up bypassing your speed control.

As you collect energy balls the snake will grow. If you collide with it's tail it will be destroyed. The longer your tail iswhen escaping through the portal, the higher the bonus you'll get.

Avoid falling through gaps, getting hit by energy beams, and crashing into structures or the snake will be destroyed.

You've 3 lives on each level. If you lose them all, you can retry the level from the start with another 3 lives.

The camera can be controlled with PgUp and PgDown to set the height, Insert and Del to move around, Home to reset and End to change mode.

Levels get real tough as you progress.

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Interesting and amazing

Definitely a small twist on snake. I love the idea on how you've made it from the original small room into paths and turns that you have to go through and how the environments can effect gameplay but it keeps the basic snake formula in mind.
The only complaint is maybe some different music after every few levels or so and maybe a speed meter so the player can know how fast they're going.
Other than that I love it.

I'm First

first person to review the game, and it gave me a cool view of snake

Credits & Info

4.25 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2011
2:24 PM EST
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