Cara's Pocket Launcher

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Confused.com has bought us Caras latest adventure! Load Cara into a cannon and launch her as far as you can using your skill and precision. Pop the balloons and collect the coins attached as she is hurtles through the air. Spend your colelcted coins Berthas Bazaar and buy exciting upgrades from high speed rockets, spacemen suits and paper planes to help you launch Cara further on her next flight.

You can also give Cara additional air time by using the boost button. Play across 5 glorious levels inlcuding The Spooky Forest and Winter Wonderland each with their own hazards and bonuses. How far can you launch Cara? Find out now by playing Caras Pocket Launcher by Confused.com

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A Couple Shortcomings

Not the worst game I've ever played. Nor the worst game I've played today. But there were definitely a handful of things that could have been improved on. Seeing as I'm in no mood to format proper paragraphs, I'm just going to ramble a bit. Like the past reviewer, I found a noticeable delay between when I push the aim/power buttons, and when it stops. No biggie. Just have to adjust your timing a bit. But still, a bit annoying. No problems with the graphics. Maybe a little childish for my taste, but they are well done. Lets see.... Ah! The biggest problem I had, the so called "upgrade" system is in serious need of work. Personally, when I think of an upgrade, I think of something that permanently improves my power. In this case something that helps me launch, or soar, or collect money permanently. Going off of this definition, the cannon was the only true upgrade. The other things were just one use items. Which made them feel overpriced and not worth the coin. All other well made launcher games incorporate a much more expansive upgrade system. Big shortcoming there. Moving on..... There's the matter of difficulty. I found that the character loses an extremely small amount of momentum when hitting the ground... Love it. What I can't stand are the ground objects that completely stop you, effectively ending your launch. Do other games have these? Yes. Where my problem lies is the frequency of which you hit these. And I'm not just talking about on how many launches (because nearly 100% of my launches ended by hitting these) but also the frequency of which they appear. I had way too many good launches wiped out almost instantly by these. Very frustrating. Sort of a problem based off of that is the "goal" one must reach to unlock the next level. Unlocking level two, easy enough. Three took me a few tries. But by the time you're trying to unlock the fourth level (10,000m) its just about impossible because of the aforementioned imbalance. Another small but extremely annoying problem is the amount of clicking between launches. And that's it for now I think. I'll get off of my soap box. To wrap up, I didn't hate the game. It entertained me a bit. But it definitely left me feeling unfulfilled. Would love to see you take all of the constructive feedback from here, and make another launcher game in the future.


The music is so obnoxious it needs a mute button somewhere


This is nothing but a clumsy reskin of Toss the Turtle. Even ignoring that it IS a reskin I found nothing but awkward controls, a "cannon" that feels more like a $1 cherry bomb overlayed into an attempt at a game aimed at children under 5.

Do yourself a favor and pass.

hey um...

the upgrades don't highlight and I can't get them to work so as of right now not a good launcher game, if you can get them fixed, it might be goo for a little while but not too much here without them.

kokodigital responds:

Hi, you have to collect the coins and then use them in Berthas Shop in between levels to buy the upgrades.

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1.38 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2011
5:27 AM EST
Skill - Toss