Phoenix Fury

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I made this game for a class project. The general theme was a Moon Shooter such as games similar to Galaga. In my game you take control of a Phoenix flying through a forest fighting oncoming enemies. The game is fairly simple, you control the Phoenix using your mouse, and left click to shoot. I've notice my upload doesn't fit around the edges correctly causing the game to expose the edges.


It's pretty good for a student project but it really needs visual spit and polish. The animation for the phoenix needs to be more fluent, add a few more frames. The shadows seems to be floating in mid air. The projectiles are red balls. Maybe add some power ups or power-downs. Overall, it's a less than average game that feels like it needs more work to be better.

missing stuff

Your game is no more complicated than mashing the left click button.

a couple things you want:

1. sound. especially when your bullets impact enemies, or when enemies crash into you.

2. A game. You just shoot at enemies. You have no decisions to make in this game, you have no objects to really dodge. you have not enough space to dodge them, and your hit-box is large.

Some comments:

It's a great student project. If you'd like to see higher ratings, though:
Mute button, Pause button, and a main menu would be nice. I don't always want to hear your music when playing a game. Especially when it sounds like the song you chose. That song is beneath you and your intent.

The dying was very sudden, with no animation or any indicators other than the "play" button coming back up.

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2.42 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2011
9:45 PM EST
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