Warfare 13-DEMO

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This is the game I am currently working on. It's just a demo so it's not official. This is just to show what Iv'e been working on. Please comment or rate. Tell me if I should finish it or delete it/.


Another stencyl game.......

Seriously people,stop using stencyls template games and calling it your own.
You could've at least used sprites to replace the character or something.
Also if you're gonna make a game,it take dedication,even if it takes forever.
Stop being lazy and actually do something.

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I would finish it, good game if you could shoot above you.

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Mugetsu-Ichigo responds:

In the version I currently have, I already read your comment and added that feature
so the Full game will be uploaded by Christmas so......

It's a solid demo

Of course you have no actual game yet, but it seems technically solid.

I think you ought to give your character the ability to duck, or lay on the ground(like in contra) and dodge bullets like that. That would make your game a whole lot more fun

Also, it's a problem when your enemies move into a corner where you can't hit them anymore. give them some AI

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Mugetsu-Ichigo responds:

I'll be sure to fix those mistakes :)
and as I mentioned in the author's comments, It's not official so the real one is in my computer right now

Was this game from the last time?

This is not the first time this exact same game came out.The similarities are that the character easily killed because the enemies do not jump and fire at the same time as they have almost perfect aiming and the worse thing is that when they are blasted ,sometimes they end up at the ceiling which makes it impossible to kill them given the character's jump height.The game can be improved in terms of controls,graphics (animate and add more colour to the bland background and improve the quality of the appearances of character and enemies),make more enemies which have poorer aim,more levels with different enemies of various difficulties and upgrades.Anyway,the game was not all that bad,all it needs mostly are improvements.

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Mugetsu-Ichigo responds:

As mentioned above, it is missing some improvements that I am currently fixing

It's okay

You need to add some sort of aiming system besides straight. When an enemy is too high I can't shoot it.

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Mugetsu-Ichigo responds:

Yes, that and I will also add some music/audio

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2.37 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2011
8:50 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun