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Bubble Struggle 3

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Everytime I publish a game on newgrounds (3 times so far) it is supposed to be stolen :/ Why?
Facts: I am the author of Bubble Trouble, Bubble Struggle, Bubble Struggle 2, and this game of course... I do not steal anything. Thank you for taking it into consideration when making rating and reviews. Maybe this trend will stop after I release Bubble Struggle 56? Nah, probably won't ; )

Hey everyone!

Purpose of this game is to shoot and avoid bubbles, finding your way through levels.
First 10-15 levels are relatively easy, then game gets harder .. and more fun! : )

I had a lot of fun creating this game and I hope you have fun playing it.

ARROW KEYS to move, SPACE to shoot.

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Love Your Games!

I love these games. I first tried Bubble Trouble years ago, it was awesome then and this is awesome now. :D

The reason people assume these games are stolen is because they are so well made. You should take that as a compliment, I would. :)

kreso responds:

Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it.
And that's an interesting perspective on why people assume things... thanks ;)

ok look

its a good game, right? yes. i used to play the first one ALOT when i was little. it was my crack. now when i play this game i come to realization that the first 6 levels are completely the same. so yeah... good game

Wow !

Like Klabautermann's history,I'm living in Turkiye.And in here,most kids love flash games.And my many friends was playing thet every time.Great game,excellent game again.Go on...

Oh my, so many memories!

I was like... 10, 11 or so, when I tried the first Bubble Trouble game. It brought me and my sisters sooo much fun for days and weeks! (we were flash players, haha)

To see it now, and how improved it is, it is really a delightful play! I always thought the first installment was too silent, and that relaxing music just does it. The animation and art is nicely improved, and I love the fact you can continue from a certain level - although that pretty much takes away the whole 'angry charm' of the game - struggling to get where you were before from he beginning was a lot of frustrating fun, but I guess this is better for the younger ones. :D

Excellent addition to Newgrounds, especially for us "old folks", haha, who played the first game when we were still kids. :)

((By the way, are you originally from somewhere in Balkan area (because of the name)? Didn't know you were 'ours' lol ;) ))

kreso responds:

Thanks dude! What a nice story... :)
Maybe you and your sister should try the 2 player mode now to see if you still have it in you ;-)
Btw, Yep, from Croatia.


The game was alright although there are some stuff that should be made better.

Also , do you have permission to do this?
I mean this is like making a game and calling it Call Of Duty 9 for example.
Like , since you get the base idea of the game , atleast name it differently.
In the other hand , if you wanted to do this to help the original creator , you still cant do this without his permission.

kreso responds:

I don't understand... permission to do what exactly? Do you mean games like Bubble Trouble, Bubble Struggle, Bubble Struggle 2? If that is what you thought, then yes, I did ask permission from the author if he allows me. That author is me.